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Grab Some of This Tabasco Diamond Reserve In a Champagne Bottle

Tabasco Diamond Reserve Bottle

Tabasco’s just hit the Big 150, and they are celebrating by releasing a special edition sauce – Tabasco Diamond Reserve – and it comes in a miniature Champagne bottle, to complement it’s champagne-like moniker.

Tabasco Diamond Reserve is made from very special peppers grown on Avery Island, Louisiana – where the Tabasco brand is originally from – that were hand-selected for their flavor and “robustness”, though not necessarily their spice. So it’s gonna be a fancy, tasty sauce, but not the hottest you’ve ever tried. The peppers were salted, mashed and aged for up to 15 years (impressive for hot sauce!) before being mixed with sparkling white wine vinegar (which we honestly didn’t know existed). The result is a fancied-up version of classic Tabasco sauce, with some “exceptional complexity.”

As a result of this special process and care, the Diamond Reserve is made only in small, limited batches and will set you back about $35 a bottle. Which is like 10 times what a regular bottle will cost you.

But for hot sauce lovers (aka us and hopefully you), it’s a must-have. We’ll be grabbing a bottle or two of this to spice up our eggs, though it will probably be wise to save it for fancy Sunday brunch at least. Maybe with some mimosas. With real champagne, that is.

Try some for yourself.

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