Key features of the military watch:

  • Jam-packed with features
  • Stylish design
  • Durable silicone band
  • 2-year warranty
  • Reasonable price

As a rule of thumb, tactical watches are full of innovative features. Yet, most of those models fail to deliver in the area of aesthetics and design. They are either too bulky or too cluttered.

However, Suunto is a company with years of experience in the watchmaking business. They know a thing or two on how to make an eye-catching timepiece. And, Suunto Core All Black Military Watch is the perfect example of their craftsmanship. This fascinating device comes as a successor to the Suunto Vector, and it exceeds expectations in every department. Therefore, let’s take a closer look.

Excellent design

Believe it or not, the Suunto Company started making high-quality watches back in 1936. Yes, this Finnish brand has decades of experience under the belt. In 2008, they released the Core All Black. Right off the bat, this model caught the attention of outdoor enthusiasts and military personnel.

First, this timepiece comes with a cool-looking design. As the name says, the black color leaves a commanding impression. The black digital dial is both functional and aesthetic. Of course, the dial comes equipped with a backlight. Also, the band is interchangeable.

High-tech features

As expected, Suunto Core All Black Military Watch can offer a massive selection of features and modes. The watch tells dual time, and it comes with a daily alarm and snooze functionality. Stopwatch and timer are also on the menu.

Not good enough for you? Well, Suunto Core All Black also packs an altimeter, barometer, and a compass. A thermometer is also at your disposal. In other words, this tactical watch will allow you to track vertical movement and to check current elevation. It also keeps a record of ascent/descent.

Most importantly, the barometer works in combo with an intelligent Storm Alarm system. If the air pressure changes, this wrist-top computer will give you enough time to seek shelter. The rotating bezel and the compass will point you in the right direction.

Durable and sturdy

Suunto Core All Black is a top-notch tactical watch that implements quartz movement technology. As we said, the silicone band is removable, but it will endure plenty of wear and tear nonetheless. For that reason, this dependable watch can be a perfect companion for any explorer, backpacker, or hiker.

On top of that, this watch is water-resistant (up to 100 feet). Thus, it will survive heavy rains or an occasional swimming session in a mountain lake.

Is it worth it?

Suunto is a brand that always strives towards excellence, and Core All Black is not an exception. As you could see from our review, this tactical watch is a reliable and durable timepiece. It can go through anything, but it can also help you stay safe and on track. So, if you need a great-looking watch with top-notch functionality, look no further than Suunto Core All Black.