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The Supply Single Edge Razor Might Just Change The Shaving Game

Supply Single Edge Razor Featured

If you’re still paying way too much for those overpriced, not-all-that-great cartridges razors every month, you should make the switch to a real single edge razor; it’ll take some practice, but 5 or 10 cents for a replacement razor is a heck of a lot better than several dollars a cartridge. Heck, even the Supply Single Edge’s replacement razors are only $.50 a pop – just one reason it’s probably the nicest razor out there.

The Single Edge uses injector razors; these convenient blades use hands-free loading mechanisms, where a tab in the razor head lets you slide in a new blade while ejecting the old one. Aka, they’re a lot safer and easier to handle. Quality injector and single edge razors make great shaves when used with the right technique. The Single Edge comes with 20 injector blades, which are all twice as thick as traditional blades and give a close shave without causing irritation or in-grown hairs. Shaves can be customized, letting you find the closeness of shave that works for you by adjusting the settings of the shave blade.

The Single Edge razor itself is made from aerospace-grade stainless steel, is sleek and ultra-smooth, and minimizes moving parts. In other words, it is built to last decades. It’s even guaranteed with a 100-year warranty and comes with a 100-day risk-free trial. Don’t like it? Send it back.

At $79, it’s perfectly-priced for a single edge razor – you’ll find many more-expensive ones – and has the quality to back up that price.

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