What’s to like about Superstrata C Bicycle:

  • Unibody carbon fiber construction
  • Made with lasers and 3D printers
  • Lots of customization options
  • Spoked alloy rims
  • Integrated lights
  • Estimated bike weight: 16.5 pounds

Finding a lightweight yet durable bicycle can be tricky, and many designers tried to solve this puzzle. In the last decade, many companies turned to carbon fiber in search of lightweight but resilient materials. Most designs failed, but it seems that unibody constructions are durable enough to survive through years of wear and tear.

With that said, we present you with a revolutionary project, Superstrata C Unibody Carbon Fiber Bicycle. At the moment, it might look like Sci-Fi, but this bike has a high chance of becoming tomorrow’s classic. Here’s why we say that.

A Custom Fit Body

Superstrata C is all about being the lightest bike on the market, but at the same time, it boasts top-notch impact resistance. On top of that, the selling point of this crowdfunding project is that the manufacturer can tailor the frame to the user’s needs.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn’t because Superstrata offers up to 500,000 combinations. But, of course, this impressive versatility is possible because Arevo, the company behind this product, uses 3D printers and lasers to produce each frame. As a result, every bike owner will receive a custom-fit bicycle tailored to its size or any other element.

Revolutionary Concept

As we said, Superstrata C follows a philosophy of thinking ten-twenty years in advance. In other words, Arevo and its CEO, Sonny Vu, crowdfunded a campaign to change the world of bicycles.

The revolutionary idea is to use a custom-built unibody frame for everyday bikes, which means the costs must stay within the industry standards. For that reason, the award-winning Superstrata C relies on industrial-grade thermoplastic composites. These materials provide the frame with sufficient rigidity and sturdiness while also keeping the weight low. Plus, the structure is hollow, and it leaves space for wiring and integrated lights.

Effortless Ride

With an estimated weight of 16.5 pounds, Superstrata C is among the lightest bikes on the market. As such, the bicycle offers an enjoyable riding experience. Plus, you can carry it around with ease.

Also, we should mention that Superstrata C comes with alloy rims and a powerful battery for assisted riding. The convenient charging port is at the front part of the bike, allowing you to charge it with no hassle. In addition, customers can choose between three tire options: smooth, mixed, and aggressive tread.

Is It Worth It?

Sleek and eye-catching, Superstrata C still waits on its first ride through city streets. But, of course, you can pre-order it already, given that the testing phase is over. Soon enough, these innovative bicycles will be ready to provide the riders with unseen performances.

So, if you need a new bike but want to step into the future, Superstrata C could be the perfect option.