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Super 73 Electric Motorbike: Technology of the Future

Super 73 Electric Motorbike

This is the electric motorbike your mom wouldn’t let you have! The Super 73 Electric Motorbike has an amazing cruising speed of 27 miles per hour. This is definitely a design from the past (uses a standard bike frame design) but technology of the future (uses a rechargeable lithium battery).

Features of the Super 73 Electric Motorbike

  • Super Smooth Ride and Comfort: The primary comfort comes from the ultra wide 4.25″ pneumatic tires which absorb all but the biggest bumps in the road. Add to that is a plush motorcycle bench seat.
  • Power and Range: Today’s battery technology has created the opportunity to take creativity to the next level. The Super 73 is powered by the industry leading 11.6 amp hour Panasonic battery. You can expect a range of 20-30 miles per charge depending on riding conditions. In addition, you can double the range to 50 miles by adding the optional dual battery rack.
  • Park and Ride Like a Regular Bicycle: Because it is considered an electric bicycle, you won’t need a special motorcycle license. You can ride it just as you would a standard bicycle.
  • Total Customization: Special order colors are available. Want to take it to the next level? There are attachment points for a variety of accessories like derailleurs, mud guards, and cargo racks.
  • Standard Features:
    • Cup Holder (can also hold a cell phone)
    • USB outlet for charging your phone or other electronics
    • Bottle Opener
    • Rear light on battery pack
  • Peddle or Throttle: The Super 73 has 6 riding modes. On Assist Level 0, only the throttle is activated. You can still pedal the bike. On Assist Level 1-5, pedaling with motor assist is activated, and the motor will kick in at various power. The throttle is also activated.
  • Size:
    • Base Weight: 60 lbs.
    • Handlebar Width: 21.75″ Handlebar Height: 44.24″
    • Seat Height from Ground: 30″
    • Fits people up to 6’5
  • Fully made in the USA

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