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Supcase: The Running Armband that Actually Works

SupCase Running Armband

Most of us are inseparable from our phones, and a good running armband is practically a necessity when it comes to hitting the gym or stepping outside for a run.

Running armbands aren’t exactly known for being very easy to use. In fact, most of the time, they are pretty annoying and obnoxious to use – especially when cheaply made. Either the armband is slipping and sliding around your arm non-stop, or the phone doesn’t even fit in the sleeve itself. And instead of a focused workout with your favorite tunes pumping you up in the background –  you spend half your time fiddling with your phone, trying to get the armband to stay in place.

Enter the Supcase. The Supcase eliminates the hassle of trying to squeeze your phone into the armband and messing with the case, as it is a case in itself. It features a silicone skin that can fit both Iphone 6 and 6s, as well as Samsung Galaxy 7’s, and attaches directly to an armband. The armband is stretchy and easy to adjust, fittings arms of all sizes, and has reflective strips and coatings for safety on the road.  There is also a headphone port for easy access to the AUX jack on your phone.

There is no direct screen protection for the case, which may be a problem if it rains. Otherwise, the Supcase is an easy to use, comfortable running armband that stays tight and works well.


  • Adjustable, reflective armband.
  • Protective Silicon Case
  • Impact-Resistant
  • Case slides onto armband easily.


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