Instant coffee? Not really our cup of tea. (Er…coffee). But that was until we tried Sudden Coffee. These tiny little capsules of caffeinated heaven taste just as good as your favorite cup of brewed or pour over coffee but takes a fraction of the time to make. Simply pop open the capsule, add it to piping hot or icy cold water, and stir. Done.

Each bean is carefully selected and sourced from high-quality, ethically-grown beans, hand-picked only when ripe, ensuring they taste as good they smell. They contain no additives or chemicals. Most instant coffees just use whatever generic cheap Robusta beans they can find. They then brew it using a brand-new, much gentler method than traditionally used in instant coffee, which results in a smoother, richer, more pleasing taste, rather than the nasty burnt taste you’ll find a cup of Folgers. It is then freeze-dried, which forces out the moisture without burning it any further and ruining the taste. It’s then packaged in compostable tubes, which stay sealed and air-tight for 6 months.

Sudden Coffee comes in membership plans – a subscription box model. You can purchase in 8 and 16 cup plans, or a 48-cup box. Each quarter, they introduce a new exciting blends; their current winter plan is the Northern Lights, a holiday blend that is both rich and relaxingly sweet. Shipping is free.

So whether you like hot or cold coffee, Sudden Coffee can cure your coffee cravings in the laziest way possible, and taste delicious at the same time.

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