Experience the sensation of flight–underwater! If you are looking for accessories for water sports for boating, then first turn to the Subwing Honeycomb Shark, designed by Norwegian inventor Simon Sivertsen. This adrenaline-fueled activity involves diving underwater and gripping onto a 4-foot “wing” that is dragged behind a motorized boat.

The Subwing consists of two hydrodynamic wings, joined in the center with a steel-and-rubber swivel. This allows them to pivot independently of one another. Riders hang on using rubber grips at the front of the wings or by grasping a rubber grab loop in the rear. Heavy-duty Dyneema fiber ropes are attached to the top surface of both wings and join up with the user’s own tow rope. Once the rider is in motion, he can steer up and down, left and right, and can even perform spins or other acrobatic maneuvers.

  • Construction: The Subwing Honeycomb is designed with a hollow core, reinforced with a honeycomb-patterned support structure. This makes the Honeycomb both very light and strong. The process of manufacturing a Subwing Honeycomb is highly automated; advanced pressure molding techniques are applied in order to make each wing, making for a perfect result with minimal cost. The wings are 100% made out of ABS polymer which is an extremely tough and durable plastic.
  • Wing design: The Subwing Honeycomb is designed with a flat top and bottom for easy storing. To achieve a streamlined teardrop profile, the edges are round at the front and oval at the rear. The wings are slightly smaller than the other versions and easily fit in a backpack.
  • Graphics: Choose between 6 unique graphical designs inspired by nature. The designs are printed on the wing surfaces using advanced printing techniques for a durable and long lasting look.
  • Flight characteristics: The Honeycomb offers lively and fun characteristics. Fast and responsive maneuverability makes it extra fun to perform rolls or other acrobatic tricks underwater. Even though the Honeycomb has a slightly smaller surface area than the other versions, deeper dives are still very achievable.
  • Specifications: Weight: 5.5 lbs., Assembled Width: 46.5 inches, Height: 10.4 inches

Cautions: Towing speeds over 2.3 mph aren’t recommended. Sudden depth changes should be avoided due to compression changes. NEVER use any type of compressed air when diving with the SUBWING. Always read the User and Safety Manual before use.

Add a Go-Pro and swim like a dolphin!

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