Keeping all your gear dry, protected and organized can be a daunting, sometimes difficult task, but the Subtech Pro DryBag makes it easier.

There are many water-resistant backpacks, and a few solid waterproof backpacks. There are also plenty of tough-as-nails, waterproof dry bags out there for stashing your gear when the elements are harsh and the water flying. What there aren’t are a lot of drybags that combine the form and function of the world’s best backpacks with best-in-class drybag technology. That’s where Subtech’s offering comes in.

Waterproof Performance + Sleek, Intuitive Design

Built to go anywhere and do anything, the Subtech Pro DryBag was a finalist for an ISPO Award when it debuted back in 2016. It combined go-anywhere function and design with durable waterproof TPU620D material, welded seams and watertight zippers and seal – a combination that allows it to be submerged down to 50m (IP68, in case you’re wondering) and pressure tested to 500mbar. You can have complete confidence in this bag to protect your gear from moisture, whether it’s clothing or camera gear.

People love more than watertight performance, however. The DryBag’s functional design allows it to serve as both a backpack and grab/duffle bag, with detachable straps (and 7075 aluminum hooks), magnetic grab handles, and sternum and waist straps to carry and distribute the load evenly.

Shock-Absorbing, Inflatable Air Bag + Storage Compartments

The most innovative part? The inflatable, shockproof airbag system, which keeps your gear floating when dropped into water and absorbs any impacts it may take. It can also help you keep afloat if you take a spill.

For the 45L, there’s the option of an internal packing system, which gives you adjustable pocket dividers and compartments to organize and secure your gear exactly as you see fit; it’s even compatible with the Shockproof Inflatable System. Use it to separate your wet gear from your dry gear, or just to keep everything in place while traveling. The 100L option comes with built-in dividers and storage.

There’s also the 90l Totebag rendition, which has internal mesh pockets for your electronics and bombproof Cobra buckles to secure everything for the long haul.

Serious DryBag For Serious Demands: Subtech 2.0 

Subtech’s DryBag is a popular product among athletes and adventurers alike, and it’s been rigorously tested in some of the world’s most demanding places. If you’re looking for a drybag you can trust to keep your stuff safe no matter the circumstances, this one shouldn’t disappoint.

Subtech-Pro-Drybag-45l Subtech-Pro-Drybag-In-Use Subtech-Pro-Drybag-2.0