If you pay attention to your style, you’ve most likely heard of selvedge denim jeans, which seem to be all the rage when it comes to jeans over the past few years. Our personal choice for selvedge jeans is Unbranded

Selvedge refers to “self-edge”, and the clean finish of the fabric that keeps it from unraveling; the “edge” of the fabric is used when making pants, making it much more durable to everyday wear. If you have no idea what that means, you’re not alone. Just remember that selvedge denim is tighter and more densely woven, which results in a higher-quality, thicker and more durable fabric, as well as some visual inconsistencies in the weave that give it some character. It’s essentially the only denim of choice for style connoisseurs and designers who take quality seriously.

Unbranded takes that search of high-quality jeans even further. They not only offer selvedge jeans in 5 different weights, but offer all their jeans as devoid of branding, logos and gimmicks as possible. They want you to be buying a high-quality pair of jeans, and nothing else. You could say that being unbranded is technically a brand, but if you hate being a walking advertisement, unbranded jeans sounds like a great idea, especially when they are this high quality.

All Unbranded jeans come raw and unwashed, and are very reasonably priced. They’ve got a variety of different colors, from classic indigo to black and even some khakis.

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