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Stumptown’s New Colombian Coffee: Colombia El Admirador

Stumptown Coffee Colombia El Admirador

Coffee aficionados know Stumptown Coffee for their varied and luxurious roasts.  They source all their coffee themselves, directly from the farmers who grow it (often paying 3 or 4 times what they would otherwise pay), ensuring that all their products are fairly-traded and of only the highest quality.

Colombia El Admirador is a product of Stumptown’s Nevado project, and comes from deep within the heart of Colombia.   The beans are grown at the El Admirador coffee farm, way up in the mountainside farms of the Central Andes in Colombia. Once fully ripe, the beans are fermented for 40 hours.  Once Stumptown purchases the beans, they ship them back to their roasting plants spread throughout the US. Roasting gives the beans a rich, dark but easy roast. It’s a smooth and creamy roast, with hints of citrus lemon-lime, peach and a toffee finish.

Colombia El Admirador is a smooth and creamy roast, with lively hints of citrus lemon-lime, peach and a sweet toffee finish. It is rich and organic, but light enough to enjoy any time of day or year. Best enjoyed black. At $22 for 12 0z., it’s a bit expensive too. But you can be assured you’re getting some of the finest, richest fair trade coffee on the planet.


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