Okay, maybe not. But Gerber does call their Strongarm knife a knife you can bet your life on, so it was worth checking out. It’s been designed with everything in mind, from tactical applications on the battlefield to survival situations in the wild. So when you hold it in your hand, you know it’s intended for tough work. The diamond texturized handle is substantial and feels reliable in the hand, won’t slip out even when wet, and the whole knife feels evenly balanced – 7 ounces at a total length of 9.8”.

The Strongarm features a blade of 420HC steel blade, which is pretty standard blade material thanks to its corrosion-resistant properties and ease of sharpening and holding an edge. It isn’t necessarily anything special, but at this price, it doesn’t have to be; the full tang construction keeps it solid and dependable. Underneath the rubberized grip, the handle is a sturdy glass-filled nylon. A spiked pommel on the end has a hole for attaching a lanyard.

Gerber includes with it a very nice sheath, that feels worth a bit of change by itself. It can be worn drop-leg, or mounted horizontally on your belt or backpack, with the attached MOLLE straps. Pretty versatile overall. The sheath feels secure and reliable, and the knife is always close at hand, and easy to deploy with just one hand.

So what’s it good for? As Gerber says, just about anything. The blade is hefty enough to chop through branches and small trees, making it a good choice for the rugged outdoors. It can also hold its own in tactical use. Considering what you’re paying for it (in the ballpark of $75) it’s a great value for a fixed-blade knife, and with Gerber’s quality and lifetime warranty, it’ll always have your back. Don’t forget it’s made in the USA, too.

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