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Streamlight Strion 74751 LED Flashlight: When You Need Reliability


Key features:

  • High brightness
  • Powerful Li-Ion battery
  • Three modes of operation
  • Waterproof design
  • Compact and durable body

Walking through the woods at night can be a terrifying experience. Without a reliable source of light, you could step on all sorts of things. Sprained ankles are just the tip of the iceberg, and other dangers may lurk in the dark as well.

Thus, a professional flashlight is a must-have if you are spending a lot of time outdoors. For that reason, we decided to take a closer look at the Streamlight Strion 74751 LED flashlight.

As it seems, this model has all it takes to become your go-to source of light in various situations. But is there more than meets the eye with this handy gadget? Let’s find out.

Extraordinary Brightness

The Streamlight Strion flashlight uses C4 LED technology. As a result, this multi-function device can light up broad areas with ease.

To be precise, the wide beam of this flashlight covers an area of 219 meters! On top of that, the brightness of this flashlight is on a high level. As many as 375 Lumens of intensity is a noteworthy achievement.

Three Operational Modes

Similar to many other models on the market, the Strion comes with a push-button tail switch. What this means is that you can click the button on the back and turn on the light.

Of course, such design also enables one-handed operation. In a way, that is one of the reasons why law enforcement units rely heavily on the use of this flashlight.

What’s more, the Streamlight Strion comes with so-called variable intensity. In other words, you can click the tail switch and cycle through the modes. There are three levels of brightness available: low, medium, and high.

Plus, you can choose between constant light and a momentary blink. For instance, the “strobe” option can serve as a signal light when riding a bicycle at night.

Compact Shape

The Strion LED flashlight is minuscule, but it can pack a punch when it comes to light production.

For instance, the total weight of this gadget is 5.2 ounces. The length of the Strion is 5.9 inches, and the diameter of the head area is 1.25 inches.

All in all, you can easily hold it in one hand and flip the pages of a book with the other. Or, you can look for stuff in your tent without any problems.

The trick is in the aluminum body of the flashlight, as well as the ridged grip area. On top of that, the Streamlight Strion LED flashlight comes with a pocket clip.

Waterproof and Long-lasting

In the end, we should also mention that this model is IPX4 water-resistant. In other words, it will survive an occasional swim in a lake.

Also, the Li-Ion battery provides a long life to the flashlight. To be precise, the rechargeable power cell offers up to 60 hours of run time. Users can charge the battery up to 1000 times, and the total lifetime of your Strion should exceed 50.000 hours.

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