Steger claims the Mukluks they make the warmest boots in the world. Is it true?

First, it would be helpful to know what the heck a mukluk is. Mukluks are boots of Arctic origin, traditionally made of sealskin or Caribou skin, both extremely warm materials, and lined with a fur worn over a liner bootie. They were traditionally worn by the Inuit and Yupik from Alaska, among others, and you might also say they bear a striking resemblance to Uggs (which come from Australia, if you were wondering).

In addition to being extremely warm, they’re also quite light; a pair of present-day manufactured mukluks can weigh well under a pound, which also means they do not need much lacing to stay in place on your feet. They’re also naturally breathable, which allows any sweat or moisture that do occur to naturally evaporate and ensures your feet say both comfortable and safe.

So, if any boot is going to claim the title of warmest boot in existence, it might just be a pair of Steger Mukluks, though they’ll essentially be going up against Mukluks by other makers.

Steger hails from Minnesota, where they also know a thing or two about frigid cold. Their most extreme pair of boots are the Arctic Style Mukluks, which are built for use in the coldest of cold weather, by the most serious and extreme of adventurers and explorers. How cold are talking? Below -40F. Extra large sizes are even capable of colder temperatures.

They achieve this thanks to their construction of moosehide and treated canvas, which together are ultra-thick, weatherproof, and seal in a good amount of heat. Pair that with a polypro-lined wool liner and wool felt insole, and you have a pair of soft boots ready to keep your feet warm in a variety of situations. On the bottom is a rubber outsole for firmness and grip.

So, there’s no question in our mind that these boots are indeed incredibly warm. Exactly how warm, we don’t have answer to just yet. You’ll probably just have to try out a pair for yourself – Winter is coming up, after all.

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