When it comes to urban commuting, electric skateboards (and longboards) are increasingly becoming the way to go. They’re small, convenient, and a ton of fun to ride. And while they are quickly becoming more and more popular, none have yet to take the same leap as the StarkBoard – the first ever hands-free electric skateboard.

While most electric skateboards use some kind of remote control or device to propel it, stop it, and steer it, the StarkBoard uses built-in intelligent weight and motion sensors, and can be moved forward with nothing but a forward tilt of your body; simply lean forward. That’s it.

By getting rid of any remote control, the StarkBoard also get rid of a lot of extra batteries, and any connectivity problems that could arise should the controller fail. It’s just you and your board. This makes it the most natural electric skateboarding experience out there, much like regular, old-fashioned longboarding or skateboarding.

Top speed is 20 miles an hour, and with good, measured riding, range tops out at about 12 miles. It runs off a custom gyroscope sensor, two custom made hub motors, and has a speed control monitoring system that tracks your body movements, and assists you keep your speed constant while riding. You can ride it up hills, down hills, and thanks to the extra-large wheels, across smooth or bumpy terrain – it handles it all. The intelligent braking system lets you accelerate, brake on a dime, and even go in reverse. Jump (or dare we say, fall) off the skateboard, and it will automatically stop itself. A removable battery pack lets you charge and bring multiple batteries with you, swapping them out if you need more range.

And of course, any good electric skateboard connects to your phone. The StarkBoard app lets you customize your riding experience, adjust max speeds, track your battery and turn off your LEDs, among other things.

Getting around just got a little bit more exciting. Grab yourself one of these on IndieGogo for as little as $599; they’re at about 75% of their goal so far.

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