Making the shift to a standing desk can take some getting used to, but once you’ve made the switch, you may be hooked. Standing up, at least intermittently, is much better for you than sitting 8 hours a day, and if your desk job has started to give you back pain or chronically tight hamstrings and other muscles, you may want to look into a standing desk, like the Spark by Ergodriven.

The Spark achieves something that few other standing desks do; it’s cheap. Really cheap, thanks to its cardboard construction (because really, how expensive can cardboard be?). But don’t let that cardboard construction fool you. This thing works and is stable, piecing together in an “origami-style” that is minimizes wobble and shake when you’re typing or using your mouse. Ergodriven says it can support over 100 pounds – though we haven’t had the chance to try that out.

The design is ergonomic and features two levels: one to rest your laptop or screen, and a lower one for a keyboard and mouse. You can also take it the two layers apart and use them separately, and there are three different heights you can choose from to get the right fit.

Will it be as good as a real, permanent standing desk, or even a more expensive riser? No. But it will get you standing up during the day for ultra-cheap, and maybe make you feel that much healthier and ready to go.

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