There are a lot of great satellite messengers and communication devices out there, including some of Spot’s other offerings. But the new Spot X offers something that few others do: 2-way text messages via satellite. This device can exchange messages with literally any cell phone number or email address, just like your cell phone can – but without a cell reception and from virtually any spot on a map you find yourself. Feel like heading 100 miles into the backcountry? Spot X has you covered. Want to climb up to the top of Mt Whitney and let your family know you made it? Spot X will work their too. Go on an epic backpacking trip south of the border? Yep – that’s right. Spot X works their too.

Spot X’s convenience starts with its small size, which puts that of sat phones to shame and fits in your gear just like any other radio or phone. It’s two-way messaging capabilities are done by giving users their own cell phone numbers, allowing the device to communicate with cell phones and let those on the other end actually reply; they have a dedicated number to use and can do so at anytime, just by sending a text. You can type those messages out using the illuminated QWERTY keyboard.

As with any good satellite communicator, Spot X also provides navigational features to keep you on the right track. These include a built-in compass and programmable waypoints to help you find your way around. There is also built-in tracking, which allows you to set tracking in intervals of 2.5, 5, 10, 30- and 60-minute intervals and mark your location on Google Maps via GPS. Friends and family can then follow your exact progress and exact location and know where you are all the time. Peace-of-mind for all involved.

Should an emergency actually occur, Spot X will also send a quick SOS signal, sending a direct line to the Search and Rescue teams and first responders, and allow you to message them with info. A notification will let you know once they’ve dispatched a team to come help you out.

Finally, Spot X also has social sharing features built-in, allowing you to post directly to your social media accounts to update people on exactly where you are, and how your adventures are going.

Spot X does not require any contract and makes communicating off-the-grid affordable, too, with Month-to-Month Flex Plans that start at $11.95 and go up to $40 for unlimited usage. Yes, unlimited. Staying connected – and safe – just got a heck of a lot easier.

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