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Check Out The SPECTA, The Pen and Fidget Ball Combo Works EDC

SPECTA Pen and Fidget Ball Device

Fidget a lot? Don’t want to be seen walking around with one of those fidget spinners – the kind middle schoolers are into,  a “device” that is nothing more than a toy? Have a thing for high-quality, EDC gear? Then SPECTA might be for you. This EDC pen is machined from premium aluminum alloy and writes like any ballpoint pen. It’s got a sturdy pocket clip, cap, and “interactive” scales that let you twist the pen endlessly – among a bunch of other novelty “functions.”

These include a stylus, integrated into the pen cap, that lets you browse on a tablet or touchscreen without smudges, and the SPECTA Ball, which functions as 9-in-1 pen stand and fidget device. There’s a top-ring bezel you can fidget with and turn endlessly, with a satisfying clicking noise that rewards the ears; A retractable bottle opener pops in and out for when you need to pop a bottle; a spring-loaded silent button; two integrates spinners with steel ball bearings that let you spin the ball (so it IS a fidget spinner…) and a soft touch silicone knub to rub against.

Lastly, there’s a ¼” hex bit for screwing and other random tasks around the house, making this pen just a little bit more functional.

The SPECTA Pen is the one of the most high-end fidget devices you’ll find and could come in handy sometimes. It comes in a variety of finishes and will look just fine in your EDC kit. You can grab one on Kickstarter for as little as $50, and it’ll be available this Fall.

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