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Want An Absolutely Massive 16K Screen? Get Ready.

Sony 16K Crystal LED TV

Considering how few movies and content are even available in 4k right now, it’s kind of odd that Sony decided to go ahead and make a 16k TV. Yes, you read that right – 16k, which is 16x the resolution of regular UHD 4K screens and 8x that of an 8k screen.

But they don’t care apparently. Their new 63-foot long and 17-foot tall MicroLED TV – affectionately dubbed The Wall – is proof.

Sony unveiled The Wall at CES 2019, and it was a glorious sight to behold. It’s actually composed of multiple TV panels put together, all made of CrystalLED – Sony’s name for MicroLED technology. Each LED is self-emissive, which means it lights up independently without a backlight, and makes a CrystalLED screen even brighter than a comparable OLED screen – with a brightness level of up to 1000 cd/m2. Contrast is pretty good, too, and the lifespan of each individual LED and the screen in general should be much longer.

Other impressive technical specs include a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, HDR support, 10-bit color processing, and a wide color gamut that is 140% of sRGB.

Because of size limitations, the resolution will not be an exact scale of 4k and 1080P, but it should be comparable and not affect performance and image too much. Seriously – when you’re looking at 16,000 pixels, we imagine the content looks absolutely amazing, no matter what the exact scale of the original image.

So the real question – Is it available for sale? Nope – for now, it’s only on display in Japan, where it’s part of an installation at a cosmetics research center. But if you want to try out the CrystalLED tech, that’s possible; Sony is selling some in much more manageable 55”, 4K sizes (and smaller). So you can pretend you’re getting the same ridiculous, wall-to-wall experience, for now at least.

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