And you can quote us on that. Most homes need some extra heat occasionally, but classic old radiators are unsightly and impractical – as well as horribly energy-inefficient. That’s where SOLUS comes in; it’s the world’s most energy-efficient home heater, capable of saving you 80% to 95% of your current heating bill – while also being being probably the world’s best-looking radiator.

This extreme efficiency is a result of their newly-created, ultra-proprietary graphene-based nanotech coating, which allows the radiator to be 5x more efficient than any water-based radiators and 20x more efficient than an electric radiator. The scientific specifics of how that works elude us, but the effect on your heating bill must speak for themselves. SOLUS also says their coating can last 30 years without any drop in efficiency, thanks to its extreme durability and resistance to oxidation.

That’s great, and certainly a major selling point. But what initially (and literally) drew our eye to this radiator was it’s appearance; it’s crafted from lightweight glass and resembles a flatscreen TV more than it does your typical radiator (or even space heater). You can stand it up with the included feet or even mount it on your wall, where it almost blends right in like a good painting. Not a lot of space heaters that can do that. And it only weighs about 10 pounds.

The included thermoregulator gives you complete control over the temperature in the room, and you can easily plug SOLUS into any power outlet in the house.

So buy it for the energy-efficiency but keep it for the sheer convenience. Hop on over to Kickstarter and grab one for as little as $195.