What’s to like about Solo Stove Bonfire:

  • High-quality 304 stainless steel
  • Double-wall structure
  • A Signature 360° Airflow design
  • Log-friendly dimensions
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Efficient burn with almost no smoke
  • A sturdy carrying case

Nothing beats the fun of spending nights by the campfire, surrounded by friends and family. At the same time, we all hate dodging campfire smoke and having our clothes and hair smell for hours.

So, to solve this puzzle, we present the innovative Solo Stove Bonfire, a unique fire pit that gives out almost zero smoke. But, of course, this cool-looking product has many more cards up its sleeve, so let’s check it out.


If you are not familiar with the name, we should first say a few words about the brand. Founded in Texas in 2011, Solo Stove is a relatively young company, so it’s not surprising that it still needs an introduction. Yet, the brand continues to grow, assembling an army of loyal customers worldwide.

Nowadays, Solo Stove offers a rich portfolio of camp stoves, fire pits, grills, and other barbecue-related accessories. More precisely, Solo Stove focuses on outdoor-friendly grilling, creating innovative equipment that makes camping trips more enjoyable than ever.


If you are an outdoorsy person, then the chances are you also want to preserve and protect the environment. Well, in that case, a portable fire pit will save the day and provide a safe and convenient location for an open flame in the middle of your campsite. So, to find the highest-quality fire pits, consider the following elements before purchasing:


As expected, everything starts with aesthetics, but buyers should also try to combine attractive looks with functional features. For instance, a compact and small-sized fire pit will be easier to transport than a bulky unit. Likewise, look for models with efficient air circulation.


Outdoor products must survive plenty of wear and tear, which also applies to fire pits. Thus, material quality is essential. These days, most portable fire pits will combine aluminum and stainless steel to reduce weight and create a sturdy unit. So, check the overall build quality to see if your new camping fire pit will stay with you for years.


Finally, we should mention the price because high-end fire pits can reach staggering amounts. However, most budget-friendly models will provide excellent performances, saving you from spending a fortune. So, do your homework to find outdoor fire pits that will offer the best bang for your buck.


After this lengthy introduction, it’s time to focus on what boasts of being the world’s favorite smokeless fire pit. Yes, you’ve heard that right, and Solo Stove Bonfire is already making waves in the global camping community.

In essence, Solo Stove Bonfire is all about maximizing the burning efficiency by using hot air to speed up combustion. As a result, this round-shaped product will generate attractive flames and plenty of heat to cook your coffee or roast marshmallows.

While preparing for our Solo Stove Bonfire review, we tried this fire pit in action, and it exceeded our expectations every time. Here’s what makes it so appealing.


Primarily, the cool-looking Solo Stove Bonfire portable fire pit features a sturdy construction thanks to 304 stainless steel. Even so, the entire unit weighs 20 pounds, way below the industry standard for outdoor fire pits.

The high-quality steel gives the Bonfire model a polished look. More importantly, it traps the heat inside thanks to the clever double-walled construction. The air trapped between the two scorching plates of steel heats up within milliseconds, improving combustion and making Solo Stove Bonfire a dream to have with you while camping with kids and loved ones.


Designing a fire pit should be a straightforward task, given that these camping accessories typically have the same shape and almost no bells and whistles. And yet, many manufacturers try to portray it as rocket science.

Solo Stove is not among those because this company focuses on simplicity while tweaking only the most necessary details. For instance, Solo Stove Bonfire is 14 inches high with a 19.5-inch diameter. A row of air holes at the bottom goes all around the body, while the upper air vents sit beneath a stainless steel smoke barrier. In any case, the minimalist aesthetic provides the Bonfire with a touch of elegance, even though this rugged fire pit doesn’t require special treatment while out in the wild.


We already mentioned air manipulation is crucial for the whooping efficiency of this outdoor fire pit. Namely, the strip of air vents near the bottom acts as an entry point for cold air coming from the outside. From there, trapped between two steel plates, the air moves upwards and exits through the holes on the inner ring, adding oxygen to the flame.

Please note that you should raise the Bonfire to allow better air intake through the lower air vents.


With only 20 pounds, the Bonfire fire pit is among the lightest on the market. Therefore, you should have no problems transporting it to your favorite camping location.

In addition, Solo Stove includes a durable carrying case in the package. This black, nylon-made bag boosts the points for portability and mobility. We should also mention that Solo Stove also offers an optional all-weather cover you can buy separately.


If you need a dependable and functional fire pit, Solo Stove Bonfire could be right up your alley. Moreover, anyone who wants to enjoy a smokeless campfire experience should consider this innovative product.

Besides the efficient burning and top-quality smoke reduction, this portable fire pit comes with a lightweight body and well-built structure. As such, it will last a lifetime, and your only job is never to forget sausages, marshmallows, and other tasty meals for camping adventures.