SOG is one of those knife brands, kind of like Gerber. They’re ubiquitous, making every kind of blade or multitool imaginable, yet still known how to turn out a high-quality, dependable knife that you know will get the job done, every time. The SOG Pillar is an example of this – a real, old-fashioned fixed blade knife, sturdy and built for tough jobs.

The Pillar comes with a full tang CPM s35vn powder steel blade, 5” long, with a stone wash and machine-ground finish. It’s a Straight Edge Clip Point, pretty wide and straight to be useful and study, but slim enough to not feel like a paddle. The way the point and bezel come together is really cool, and gives the blade a look that is both thick and slim, if that makes sense. It’s definitely more of a survival knife than a Ka-Bar or tactical Special Forces knife, but it’s still probably versatile enough for anything.

The Canvas Micarta handle is spectacular, looks great, and feels comfortable and super sturdy in your hand. The full tang means that it really is. An index notch makes it comfortable, while th grooves add a bit of grip. Every detail seems thoughtfully-done and crisply designed.

SOG also includes a sheath, made of Kydex; it slides in and out quickly and easily, without too much concentration necessary, and the sheath’s low-profile is welcome. An adjustable locking-mount does a really good of keeping it close to your hip.

The SOG Pillar retails for a little under $200, so it’s definitely an investment, especially compared to many of SOG’s other, cheaper knives. But it’s a substantial knife, sturdily built with a solid blade to boot, and the included sheath is impressive in its own right. For a fixed-blade outdoor knife, it’s well worth the money.

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