What’s to like about SOG Baton Q4 multitool:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Durable stainless steel tools
  • Spring-loaded pliers
  • Convenient pocket knife
  • Magnetic ratchet hex bit driver
  • Several extra tools
  • Affordable price

We all know that the best multitool is the one you have by your side in times of need. By definition, these handy gadgets only have value if you use them while handling day-to-day tasks around the house.

Ye, finding a lightweight yet dependable multi-practical tool can be tricky, given that the modern market offers plenty of options. So, we went straight to a legendary brand to review SOG Baton Q4 Multitool, a model that comes highly recommended. Here’s what we learned.


Founded in 1986, SOG has been around for more than three decades. During this time, the company developed a massive following worldwide. Of course, SOG attracted people with its impressive portfolio of knives and blades.

Besides the legendary MACV-SOG bowie knife, this brand also manufactures high-end multitools, including the famous Baton tool suite. So, if you need high-quality blades for everyday carry, you’ll never go wrong with SOG. The company manufactures most of its products in America, overseeing everything from their HQ in Lynwood, Washington.


We already mentioned that online retailers and brick-and-mortar shops offer various multitools with different prices and capabilities. Thus, the best course of action is to compare several models and evaluate the following elements to separate the best from the rest.


The overall design plays a crucial role in the tool’s usability. No one will carry around a bulky multitool. So, find a lightweight and compact gadget to fit into your pocket, backpack, or EDC pouch. And don’t worry, pocket-sized models can pack a punch and deliver impressive performances.


Weekend warriors and anyone interested in DIY activities understand the importance of durability and sturdiness. Therefore, check the materials and the overall structure to find a companion you’ll be using for decades to come. For instance, stainless steel or military-grade aluminum indicate top-drawer quality.


Buying a versatile and convenient multitool will take your DIY game to the next level, so check how the device behaves in action. Tool deployment must be effortless, and the selection of accessories should cover a broad range of situations. If the gadget is not intuitive and is easy to use, it’s unlikely you’ll have it with you at all times.


Last but not least, new buyers should glance at the price tag to find the model offering the best price to value ratio. As you might know, high-end multitools can get pricey, but most budget-friendly gadgets will meet the average user’s needs. Again, the secret lies in comparing several products to find the one that suits your preferences.


The Baton line of tools comprises four models, each providing specific capabilities. For example, the entry-point Q1 looks like a pen, albeit a bulky one. On the other end of the spectrum stands Baton Q4, the flagship model.

By creating this 4-piece set, SOG completed its offering and designed a universal kit for users worldwide. Unlike the other models, Baton Q4 is the only one coming with a heavy-duty leather holster.


SOG opted for a sleek and minimalist approach when designing the cool-looking Baton Q4 multitool. The combination of black and aluminum gray works like a charm, while the compact dimensions allow effortless carrying and maximum usability. Notably, this gadget comes equipped with a dependable pocket clip to help with everyday tasks.

Overall, SOG Baton Q4 weighs only 0.38 pounds. It combines two segments built from premium materials and comprises ten tools. As such, this multitool will help you handle various repairs around the house with no hassle.

From computers and speakers to cars and bikes, the flexible Baton Q4 multitool will adapt and perform as efficiently as any multitool out there.


So, what exactly can the Q4 multitool do for you? Well, this pocket-size gadget includes spring-loaded pliers alongside nine other accessories.

The multi-functional pliers feature a gripper and a soft wire cutter. In contrast, the section with mini tools features five accessories: a bottle opener, a can opener, a 3-sided file, a straight blade, and a flat screwdriver.

On top of that, SOG Baton Q4 Multitool features a magnetic ratchet bit driver with a separate bit holder. As expected, Baton Q4 supports hex and Torx tools, and the extra storage holds 12 interchangeable bits. So, with this nifty gadget, you’ll be ready for almost any DIY situation.


As a legendary brand, SOG has a reputation to maintain, so it’s not surprising to see only the best components in the Baton Q4. For instance, the extra-durable 5Cr15MoV steel provides the knife and other tools with top-quality sharpness.

At the same time, SOG opted for anodized aluminum in the handle, making the Q4 multitool lightweight and portable. Thanks to premium materials and experienced craftsmanship, Baton Q4 can be an excellent choice for anyone looking for a dependable survival tool.

After all, camping and outdoor tools must handle plenty of wear and tear, which would be impossible without durable components. That’s why, regarding the overall build quality and sturdiness, SOG Baton Q4 exceeds our expectations.


If you are in the market for EDC gear or survival tools, the innovative SOG Baton Q4 could be a worthwhile investment. This handy gadget comes with a versatile set of accessories and a functional design to cover most users’ needs.

Admittedly, this model is not the cheapest multitool money can buy in 2022, but the Baton Q4 is worth every penny. Because of its heavy-duty construction and durable materials, this gadget will be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase for most users. We couldn’t ask for more.