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Snoogee Board Wants To Be The Ultimate Carving Sled

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Snowboarding is fun, but you know what is even better? Snoogee boarding – riding this bodyboard/sled/snowboard combo that’s currently campaigning over on Kickstarter with an early bird special of $199.

What is it? The Snoogee is essentially a bodyboard designed to be attached to your snowboard via the binding holes; it allows you to lay down, kneel, or take pretty much any position you want to carve some of your favorite slopes. The board is a thick plastic with a thick foam top sheet, and the trucks are made of solid steel.

This setup works by lowering your center of gravity, allowing you to balance more easily and tackle more terrain than you could on a stand-up snowboard. Different positions have different benefits; kneeling allows you to carve more than sitting and laying down gives you even more control than that. And yes, you can use it standing up – like a regular snowboard with a little more challenge.

To steer, you just have to lean to one side, and your body weight will take care of the rest. The shorter your selected snowboard, the better the setup handles hard packed snow, and the longer your board is, the more float and control it lends when carving up a course. If you can sled it or ski it, the Snoogee Board can handle it.

So is it more than just a fancy toy? That remains to be seen, but we gotta admit – it sure looks like fun. Being able to carve slopes on a snowboard and then sit down like a good old-fashioned sled at a moment’s notice certainly sounds like a good option to have. If you think so, head on over to Kickstarter and help Snoogee reach their goal; the current Early Bird Special is $199, which includes both the Snoogee deck and a pair of Snoogee Trucks.

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