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SmartHalo 2: The All-In-One Bike Device That Makes Cycling Simple

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If you’re looking for some kind of smart navigation devices with which to outfit your bike, there’s a smattering of choices. The SmartHalo 2 might be the smartest and most convenient. It rolls GPS navigation, theft protection and alarms, fitness tracking and a smart assistant into one single, streamlined device. The bike world already loves it; it’s raised over $782,000 in under two weeks on Kickstarter  – and still has 3 weeks left.

Simple Design + Powerful Features

Smartthalo 2 Navigation

The SmartHalo 2’s goal is to provide everything – navigation, security, fitness, a light – that one needs for cycling in  a single streamlined package (that conveniently looks more like an oversized watch and less like your typical GPS). Mounted firmly on your handlebars, there isn’t even an on/off button; it turns on automatically when you start pedaling and turns itself off when you stop.

Instead of fancy maps and arrows, SmartHalo 2 points you in the right direction by lighting up those fancy bright colors in whatever general direction you are supposed to go. This same colorful light functions just like a speedometer, a fitness tracker, and an alarm, too.

Sitting in the middle of the device is the new PeekDisplay – which provides visible stats, speed, directions and more at your fingertips. Literally – the touch surface on the front lets you swipe through settings and display options.

For such a simple device, there’s still a lot of customization too. You can create your own route settings, set different levels of alarm security, and access a number of light modes (the light in the front of the device provides up to 250 lumens of versatile illumination).

Versatile Mounting Options

The SmartHalo 2 works on two mounts; their Anti-Theft Mount and their Quarter Lock Mount. These  sturdy mounts fit virtually all handlebars, and you can outfit multiple bikes with them at once – quickly switching the device between bikes with a quick quarter turn.

With current asking price Kickstarter at $131, the SmartHalo is a very-reasonable ask for such a powerful, all-in-one cycling device. We think you’ll have a hard time finding another device quite as versatile and featured as this one…and we could see it becoming a vital part of your cycling kit.

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