Yeah, sleds are cool. So are snowboards and skis. But if you want to have some real fun in the backyard this winter, grab some Sled Legs. These things are literally just individual sleds for each of your legs; strap them on, and you can immediately start sliding down hills right on your own legs. You know, like you used to do as a kid all the time. It’s that simple, and that fun.


They’re made of a super-durable ABS outer shell and filled with wedge-shaped, impact-absorbing foam that pads your legs and knees as you fly down the hill. The contoured grip surface fits your legs snugly to keep things tight and stable, while the control runners on the bottom help you control and steer your way down the hills. The tops are cut out for your knees and legs so you can run and walk freely when not sliding.

The straps are adjustable and feature a pivot mount, so they can fit anybody’s legs comfortably, no matter how big or small.

So okay, the Sled Legs look kind of silly. But they are pretty cool and a ton of fun to try out. We suggest avoiding Double Black Diamond’s, however. Stick to the bunny hill, or maybe just your own backyard.

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