Main features of the Skylight Calendar, the best digital wall calendar:

  • Elegant, minimalistic design
  • A bright, 10-inch 1024x600px display
  • 8 GB of internal storage
  • Effortless syncing with popular calendars
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly views
  • A handy sleep mode functionality
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Staying on top of our busy schedules is often a losing battle. The ever-growing number of appointments and events is even more demanding for families with multiple members. Regardless of how hard we try, there’s always a birthday party or a doctor’s appointment we forgot about.

Luckily, the stylish Skylight Calendar is here to solve those issues. Since it is the best digital wall calendar in 2022, we had to see how it behaves in action. Here’s what we learned after a couple of days of testing.


If you are unfamiliar with the brand, we should first say a few words about Skylight. After all, this emerging American startup is still a new kid on the block, trying to impress with its family-focused consumer products.

Skylight is on a mission to bring families together and connect loved ones through modern technologies and gadgets. For instance, if you place the family-friendly Skylight Calendar on the kitchen counter, every member will have instant access to vital information, including chores, activities, and meal plans.


The good-old organization and discipline are essential for success in modern times, and the only difference is we no longer rely on planners and notebooks. The world has gone digital, and the best digital wall calendars offer maximum practicality and ease of use.

So, the following checklist should help you separate best from the rest and buy a high-quality digital calendar for your home or office.


It’s always good to start with the gadget’s features and functionalities. Modern electronic wall calendars will show the schedule, but many can also offer other options. Therefore, check if the product has sleep mode and easy-to-use buttons, but also look for plug-and-play calendars with big and bright displays for easy reading.


Even though you could turn your TV, tablet, or computer monitor into a digital calendar display, nothing beats the elegance and style of the best electronic wall calendars. The one from Skylight is the perfect example, illustrating how digital devices can complement the house’s style. Thus, consider the aesthetic aspects before purchasing.


Like any other category, the market for digital wall calendars offers various priced products. In other words, online retailers and land-based shops sell everything from wallet-friendly electronic wall calendars to high-end, premium models. So, to avoid overpaying and exceeding your budget, compare several options to find the calendars offering the best price to value ratio.


After the massive success of their first product, the cool-looking Skylight Frame, this young American brand increased its offering by releasing the Skylight Calendar. Again, the core idea was to simplify the lives of modern families by offering a straightforward, accessible solution.

And so, the elegant Skylight Calendar stepped onto the scene, attracting attention with its sleek design and user-friendly interface. So, here’s an in-depth overview of the Skylight digital wall calendar.


The first thing we noticed about this gadget is its compact shape. Immediately after that, we liked that the Skylight Calendar offers plug-and-play functionality with zero hassle. In other words, you only need to plug it into the socket and choose the ideal position for your new electronic calendar.

In addition, we should mention that the Skylight Calendar offers seamless integrations with the most popular calendar apps, including those from Apple, Google, Outlook, and Yahoo.

Please note that you’ll need to allow access and set your calendars to ‘public’ if you want to sync them with the Skylight Calendar. So, if you obsess about internet safety and privacy, this product might not be your cup of tea.


For those open to new experiences and modern household gadgets, syncing the Skylight with other online calendars will open up possibilities. On top of that, Skylight offers a proprietary app for controlling the electronic calendar sitting on your desk or kitchen counter.

Speaking of the positioning, we should add that the Skylight Calendar earns top points for usability and visual quality. The 10-inch screen offers a maximum resolution of 1024×600 pixels, and the letters and symbols are clear and easy to understand.


Most families will place their Skylight Calendar somewhere where every member can see the schedule. But besides the desk-standing version, this device features a hole for putting the calendar on the wall.

You’ll have no problems organizing the events and appointments because the Skylight Calendar offers several view modes. Namely, you can opt between the daily, weekly, and monthly layouts. On top of that, color-coded fields will separate the tasks for each profile you make.

The customizations don’t end there, and this device has easy-to-use buttons for brightness adjustment. If that’s not enough, the Sleep mode lets you choose the timing when the calendar is inactive.


Of course, most people use electronic wall calendars to display various appointments and events. Yet, the innovative Skylight Calendar takes the game to the next level by introducing meal plans and built-in grocery lists.

These options let you sync changes with the Skylight app and create shopping lists through family collaboration. As for the meal plans, don’t expect your kids to stop complaining about what’s for dinner. Even though the Skylight Calendar offers many things, it still can’t perform miracles.


The only downsides to the well-designed Skylight Calendar are the price and the lack of batteries and portability. Admittedly, this model comes at a hefty price, ranking among the most expensive digital wall calendars in 2022.

Then again, Skylight Calendar offers maximum efficiency in a sturdy and elegant body. So, this gadget is a must-have for those looking for quality products and long-lasting household gadgets.