What’s to like about Sisyphus Industries Art Table:

  • Handcrafted, made in the US
  • Motion-controlled kinetic art
  • Tempered glass top
  • Kaleidoscopic RGBW lighting
  • Smooth-rolling silver orb
  • Captivating, personalized patterns
  • Wireless or wired connection

Are you looking for new furniture to decorate the living room, but you’re tired of the same-all IKEA-like coffee tables? How about adding a piece that doubles as a mesmerizing art installation and entertains guests for days?

If this idea sounds appealing, wait till you see what Sisyphus Industries kinetic art tables can do for your living space. And even though these hand-finished tables come in various shapes and sizes, each model is a masterpiece of technology and design.

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s see.


The Greek legend says the gods condemned Sisyphus to push a boulder to the very top of the mountain, only to have it roll down repeatedly. Carrying the massive rock uphill forever without tangible results could seem like a harsh punishment.

Still, in ‘The Myth of Sisyphus, Albert Camus argues that the legend was a metaphor for the absurdity of human existence. Paradoxically, it also shows that we can find meaning in the never-ending struggle.

A relatively young Minnesota-based company used the myth for inspiration, looking for happiness in a continuous movement of a tiny metal ball. Founded by Bruce Shapiro, Sisyphus Industries LLC manufactures unique pieces of furniture that merge technology, art, and contemporary design.

The company’s breakthrough came after a successful Kickstarter campaign where they sold 1500 units within the first month!


The name of the Sisyphus Industries kinetic art table is self-explanatory, but it also hides a lot. For instance, you might wonder what precisely a kinetic art table is? How does it work?

We had the same questions, and we couldn’t wait to see how Sisyphus Industries tables behave in action.

These in-home coffee tables combine modern motion-controlled technology with centuries-old Japanese Zen philosophy. Every table features a wooden basin filled with silica sand where a silver orb moves around, drawing shapes in the mini-desert.

This simplified explanation doesn’t tell the complete story because these handcrafted pieces offer more than your typical living room table. Namely, the ever-moving metal ball creates a captivating yet calming feeling symptomatic of Japanese Zen gardens.


We mentioned Scandinavian-style furniture, where you need an entire day to assemble a chair or a coffee table. Sisyphus Industries Kinetic Art Table is not nearly as complicated but requires preparation.

More precisely, you’ll need to add the sand into the basin. Since it can gather into chunks during shipping, you might also need to pulverize the particles with your fingers.

After that, position the table near a power outlet and plug in the cord. The last step would be to connect the table to the internet, and you can opt for Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. Most people opt for wireless connectivity because of its clutter-free elegance.


Although Sisyphus Industries offers an endless array of customizations, the ‘standard’ Kinetic Art Table has a round body with a powder-coated metal frame and an elevated wooden base. In most cases, Sisyphus Industries juxtaposes the dark metal structure with warm wooden finishes like walnut or cherry.

On top of the wooden crate sits a tempered glass top, durable and resilient. Of course, the transparent glass is the actual table’s surface, but the magic happens underneath. The wooden basin also holds the fine white sand, where the computer-controlled ball draws shapes and never stops moving, much like the legendary Sisyphus’s boulder.

Sisyphus Industries manufactures each table in the US, ensuring top-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship on each table.


As the name suggests, Sisyphus Industries’ kinetic art tables harness the power of kinetic energy to create artistic visuals in the sand. So, the muscle and the brains beneath the mesmerizing art is the Sisbot, a miniature system comprising magnets, motors, and Raspberry Pi computers.

Bruce Shapiro, the founder of Sisyphus Industries, designed the Sisbot from the ground up, leaving plenty of room for customizations. You can install various patterns with no hassle.

The magnets positioned below the wooden basin lead the metal ball across the silica sand. Therefore, the dynamic Sisyphus Industries kinetic art table might look magical. Yet, the secret lies in sophisticated technology and modern robotics.


Sisyphus tables stand apart from most indoor coffee tables and similar furniture because they feature stress-relieving, relaxing visuals. At the same time, kinetic art tables come with a grass surface and a sturdy body that allows for casual, everyday use.

On top of that, Sisyphus Industries’ kinetic art tables have an RGBW LED strip that adds an extra touch to the overall experience. You can opt for a soothing warm glow or a captivating, kaleidoscopic light show.


As mentioned, you can customize your Sisyphus Industries kinetic art table by changing the ‘track’ or the pattern in which the ball travels across the sand. Thus, no two Sisyphus tables are the same.

You’ll get access to more than 1,000 ‘tracks’ after installing the app for the first time, but the collection constantly grows because it acts as a community repository. In other words, people worldwide add new patterns daily, sharing their creativity with others.

The never-ending supply of tapestries will keep the silver orb rolling forever, much like the boulder from Greek legends. However, this metal ball should not cause stress and frustration but relieve these emotions.


Since it offers more than other coffee tables, it seems reasonable that Sisyphus tables come at a higher price. Yet, should you dish out $1,600 for this piece of furniture? The answer is yes, as long as you need a unique, dynamic addition to your living spaces.

The attention-grabbing Sisyphus Industries kinetic art tables took the world by storm, and the magic shows no signs of stopping.