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Silky KATANABOY Professional Folding Saw: Want to Become a Samurai?

Whats to like about Silky KATANABOY:

  • SK4 high-carbon steel

  • Blade length: 19.7 inches

  • Razor-sharp oversized teeth

  • Non-slip rubberized grip

  • Efficient safety lock

  • High-quality carrying case

We all know that chainsaws dominate the wood processing industry, but these tools might not always be the best option. For instance, if you are in the middle of nowhere running low on gasoline, folding saws could save the day.

Thats why we scanned the market in the search for top-rated models. In the end, it was clear that Silky KATANABOY Professional 500mm Folding Saw stands above the rest.

So, if you think you can handle this saw/Katana, lets check it out!

Japanese Craftsmanship

For centuries, Japanese blades set the standards for sharpness, elegance, and durability. The traditional forging techniques now belong to history books, but Japan is still the home of excellent steel products.

For instance, Silky KATANABOY features SK4 high-carbon stainless steel. The 2mm thick blade is as tough as they get, and it goes through wood like a hot knife through butter.

Ingenious Design

As the name says, Silky KATANABOY Professional 500mm Folding Saw comes with a folding mechanism. In translation, you can fold the saw when not in use, making it portable and safe.

Available in various sizes (500, 650, and 1000mm), KATANABOY breaksin half when you press the locking mechanism on the back of the saw. With the 500mm model, the length of the blade is 19.7 inches.

Best of all, the monstrous teeth on the Silky KATANABOY Professional 500mm Folding Saw feature a patented design. Theres four of them per inch, and theyre always hungry for wood. Also, the blade on this beast offers effortless sharpening. In a way, folding saws require no maintenance except occasional resharpening.

Unmatched Performances

Of course, you could use this folding saw as a self-defense weapon. The non-slip rubberized grip offers will let you hold the saw like a Katana, pretending to be a samurai.

On the other hand, Silky KATANABOY feels best when it glides through logs and wood trunks. The patented teeth will cut on the backstroke, meaning you can focus on the pulling movement. With a bit of practice, this technique will let the saw do all the work. You will not need too much effort to cut through massive logs in only a few swipes.

Should You Buy It?

Silky KATANABOY Professional 500mm Folding Saw will leave an impression on any users. This versatile model is perfect for wood processing, but you can also use it for branch cutting, landscaping, or preparing camp.

Flexible, portable, and easy to use, Silky KATANABOY offers a wealth of benefits that make it a perfect option for many outdoor enthusiasts. This folding saw comes in a heavy-duty carrying case, helping you take the KATANABOY on every visit to the forest. The essential quality of this product is the razor-sharp blade, and if you need to cut wood, the KATANABOY will get the job done.

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