Looking for the most extreme “tent” possible? The ShiftPod 2 is the latest rendition of the ShiftPod, a pop-up fabric shelter meant to withstand the most extreme conditions. Made from “NASA-inspired, Space Age” fabrics and S3 Seam Sealing technology, it’s one of the most-durable, bulletproof shelters out there – and one of the easiest to set up ever.

The ShiftPod isn’t your typical extreme-weather tent, exactly. It’s more of an all-in-one shelter, designed to serve in times of natural disaster or for all-out survival situations. It’s also good for long-term expeditions to extremely remote places, where a sturdy, weatherproof basecamp is necessary.

Made from a seven-layer, composite fabric called Dark Out, the ShiftPod 2 is both reflective against UV rays and insulated with synthetic down. This serves two functions…first, it prevents light from getting through, making it darker and more comfortable for sleeping in, as well as keeping it cool. It also reflects most of the sunlight away from the shelter, which in turns make it even more comfortable.

There are two doors (with bug screens), six windows (bug screens included) and two vents (and yes, they have bug screens). And it has a spacious interior of 144 square feet, which should sleep about 6 people with 6-foot sleeping pads. It packs down to a fraction of the size when not in use.

When it comes to setup, this thing is also a breeze. On average, Advance Shelter Systems claims it sets up in about 22 seconds on average; the “World Record” for setting one up is about 17 seconds (but that’s before setting up any stake lines, which are needed when the wind starts blowing). It’ll even supposedly stand up to wind speeds of up to 100 miles – though it’s been proven to work for winds up to 50 miles an hour.

As a bonus reason to buy a Shiftpod, the company donates one shelter to a family in need for every 20 shelters sold – meaning you can feel even better about purchasing one of these tents.

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