There’s beginning to be all different kinds of smart clothing out there – from denim jackets to rain shells to workout shirts with sensors built in. But these are the first smart socks we’ve seen. The Sensoria socks are infused with textile pressure sensors, which are then each paired with a Bluetooth Smart anklet that counts steps, tracks speed, calories burned, altitude and your distance, and even measures your cadence and your foot landing technique. By doing so, it can help you identify problems with your running gait and style that may lead to injury, such as heel striking or ball striking. Sensoria will even communicate with you in real-time, via the app, to coach you on your running style. If you struggle with nailing your form down, or are just starting out, having this kind of virtual coach will really help.

The Sensoria also comes with a smart Fitness shirt, made of 95% polyamide and 5% elastane – stretchy, light and breathable. It wicks moisture on sweaty days and is antimicrobial to prevent odors from forming. In terms of smart features, the smart shirt tracks your heart rate without the need for a separate heart monitor and can also be paired with standard Bluetooth heart monitors that use the standard snaps.

Sensoria’s strength lies in getting rid of that annoying strap around your chest, and the amount of features the app includes is really helpful; being integrated with the socks allows you to see a lot of good feedback you won’t get from other devices, like the Jawbone or FitBit – such as foot angle and running stance . When you purchase the entire setup at once for $399, you get two pairs of socks, a shirt, save a nice chunk of change as opposed to purchasing them separately. Check out it for yourself.