When it comes to coffee, we’re not picky about style. As long as it’s properly brewed, strong and uses good beans, we don’t care if it’s a pour over, espresso, Sunday morning drip coffee or an elegant cup from a French Press. It just has to be good. In that same vein, we’re not particularly picky about the manner in which our milk is frothed for lattes and cappuccino – so long as it’s soft, foamy and not burned. For that reason, we’re currently obsessed with our newest toy – this electric milk frother by Secura.

If you’ve ever tried to froth milk using the steam wand on an espresso maker, you’re probably aware of how difficult it can be. The barista at your local coffee shop might make it look easy, but yours probably comes out flat, burnt and lacking in…well, foam. (Kind of like ordering a latte from Starbucks….) Luckily for you, this automatic frother takes all the guesswork and skill out of it.

To begin, choose if you want More Froth (for cappuccino and high-froth drinks) or less Froth (for traditional lattes). A choice of two little nubs (one for more foam, one for less) makes that decision. Then pour in some milk, press the button, and you’re off; the heater heats the milk to the right temperature for frothing, while the spinning wheel gives it the air and motion it needs. Hold down the power button, and the frother will start without the heat, allowing you to make cold frothed milk for cold drinks.

About a minute later, you’ll have perfectly foamed, heated milk ready for pouring into a perfectly pulled shot of espresso (or regular coffee, or whatever you prefer) for the latte, cappuccino, macchiato, etc, of your choice. It’s that easy.

It’s not the fanciest machine, sure. And it’s not as “cool” or impressive as steaming your own milk straight from the espresso maker. But it’s easy, cheap and fast. If you’re always on the go and prefer to make your espresso in as little time as possible, pair the Secura with a nice K-cup espresso maker or Nespresso for the ultimate home café experience.

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