What’s to like about Seager Drinking Team tee shirts:

  • Western-inspired designs
  • Various products for the modern cowboy
  • Dependable gear and accessories
  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Affordable prices

If you’re ready to renew your wardrobe and add a few cool-looking items, why not become a member of the Seager Drinking Team? After all, Seager has taken the American market by storm, appealing to an army of everyday adventurers.

I tried out the recently introduced Seager Drinking Team lineup, and here’s what I’ve noticed during the multi-day testing.


For those who might have been living under a rock for the last couple of years, Seager Co. is an American brand founded in 2015. Although the company’s headquarters are in Costa Mesa, California, Seager is all about cowboy culture and the spirit of the Wild West.

When I think of Seager, the legendary Western Grit is the first thing that comes to mind. The company manufactures goods for self-sufficient, hard-working men and women, following a no-nonsense approach to craftsmanship and design.

So, I somewhat knew what to expect from Seager when I received the batch. The Seager Drinking Team tee shirts collection didn’t let me down.


Seager Co boasts high-quality standards, and the label releases small-batch runs of apparel and outdoor gear to keep those levels in check. The Seager Drinking Team lineup follows the well-trodden path, allowing you to wear these garments in the harshest conditions.

In other words, I liked the durability and ruggedness of the Seager Drinking Team collection. Of course, the minimalist, no-frills design earns top points because they illustrate the company’s philosophy. These versatile T-shirts are a safe bet for outdoor enthusiasts who like to relax by the campfire and crack a cold one.

On the other hand, Seager’s low-volume production policy often results in ‘out-of-stock’ messages. So, that’s the only complaint I had regarding the Seager Drinking Team collection. Then again, the exclusive partnership with Huckberry should improve Seager’s availability and solve supply chain challenges.


Now’s the time to focus on the actual Seager Drinking Team and the reason you’re here. For instance, the first product I tried was a classic T-shirt with bold, white letters on the front. Once you wear a Seager Drinking Team t-shirt, like-minded people will spot you from a mile away.

Most importantly, these shirts only cost $30, and you can get them in Vintage White, Petrol Blue, and classic Black. Each color comes with a water-based ink print on the chest. Seager does the printing in California, ensuring top-drawer quality.

As expected, Seager Drinking Team T-shirts are 100% cotton, and I enjoyed the combination of softness and resilience. In other words, these garments will handle years of wear and tear while offering maximum comfort.


After the T-shirts for warmer days, I switched to trans-seasonal clothing and tried the classic-looking Seager Drinking Team baseball tees. Again, we are talking about 100% cotton printed in California.

At first glance, this ¾ sleeve raglan tee might look like it came from the 1950s because the timeless design follows the old-age aesthetic. Again, you’ll get a Seager Drinking Team inscription on the front, albeit a smaller one, and moved to the left.

In addition, I noticed that the Seager Drinking Team baseball tee is only available in the red-white color combination. I love wearing red, so I enjoyed the looks, but some might complain about the lack of options.


Finally, we come to the least expensive but arguably the most appealing product on the list. Namely, the cream-colored Seager Drinking Team drink holder ticks every box for ranking among the best foam koozies money can buy.

After all, it costs only $3, so it won’t send you into bankruptcy. On the other hand, this drink holder will keep the beer cold because the solid foam acts as an excellent insulator. Plus, it keeps the hands warm and dry.

The versatility of the Seager Drinking Team drink holder allows you to place tall or small cans inside, while the blue lettering on the side tells everyone you’re a member of the Seager Drinking Team.


And there you have it, a comprehensive round-up of the Seager Drinking Team collection. These items might not feature the most creative visuals and designs, but simplicity goes hand in hand with the ruggedness and grit of the Old West.

In other words, Seager Co. released these products for the selected few, and you can become an exclusive member by joining the club and wearing one of the Seager Drinking Team t-shirts. After all, only the best wear Seager, so don’t waste time.