What’s to like about the Sea to Summit Telos Tent:

  • Ultralight, aluminum construction
  • One-hub structure with two vestibules
  • Tension ridge pole design
  • FairShare storage sack system
  • Oversized mesh storage pockets
  • 15D polyester mesh canopy
  • Excellent airflow and ventilation

Freestanding tents are lightweight and easy to use, and that’s why you’ll find them on snow-covered peaks, rocky terrains, and desert dunes. They can handle anything, and most importantly, they provide reliable protection from the elements.

Yet, finding a high-quality freestanding tent for hiking or camping can be challenging because the market offers many options. For that reason, we scoured the web to find the best, and it seems that Sea To Summit Telos TR3 Freestanding Tent ticks every box for being amongst the elite.

After spending a couple of nights in this compact yet spacious tent, we learned the following.


The chances are you are familiar with the brand, but we should say a couple of words about Sea To Summit either way. After all, this company has been around since 1990, with HQ in Perth, Australia. Over the years, their award-winning products have found their way to millions of customers, and Sea to Summit now sells in more than 60 countries.

As the name implies, Sea to Summit covers every aspect of outdoorsy adventures, from sea level to the highest peaks. The high-performing Telos TR3 tent illustrates the company’s philosophy and continues down the well-trodden path.


Again, the term is self-explanatory, and freestanding tents are the ones that can stand by themselves. They typically come as double-wall models with an independent inner tent and a rainfly, but other variations are also available.

So, how to buy a top-rated freestanding tent in 2022? Well, we suggest considering the following elements before purchasing:


Modern tents for backpacking and alpinism should be lightweight yet durable. For that reason, manufacturers opt for resilient synthetic materials like nylon and polyester. So, first, check the fabrics to see if they match these criteria.


The second aspect relates to the previous, primarily because high-quality materials are a prerequisite for a well-built product. Yet, the craftsmanship also hides in the details, such as the quality of zippers, poles, and cords. So, don’t ignore these elements and inspect them thoroughly if you want a freestanding tent to last a lifetime.


Functionality is another essential element, and every freestanding tent should offer an effortless setup and even faster dismantling. Likewise, accessible storage compartments, ventilation openings, and spacious vestibules improve the overall experience, so double-check if the tent offers these features.


Finally, there’s the ever-present, money-related consideration, unless you are a multimillionaire visiting our website. The goal is to find the tents offering the best price to value ratio, so compare several models before splashing the cash. You’ll notice that many budget-friendly freestanding tents are a worthwhile investment for most people.


\Sea To Summit offers two series of tents: the Telos and Alto. The Telos tents are freestanding, while the Alto models are ultralight, semi-freestanding. In addition, each series offers different sizes.

The Telos TR3 model is a three-person freestanding tent. So, this model will let you hang out with friends or hunker down while exploring the outback. It offers enough room for three average-sized people, while the two vestibules provide sufficient space for backpacks and gear.


We don’t want to sound overly technical, but Sea To Summit opted for Pressfit PF 9.5mm and DAC Featherlite NSL 9.6mm poles to make the TR3 extra light but sturdy. This architecture offers an impressive space-to-weight ratio. In total, the package weighs only 4 pounds and 11 ounces.

On top of that, Sea To Summit Telos freestanding tent features the innovative tension ridge. So, unlike most tents, Telos TR3 features upward-sweeping poles, offering more space inside by creating nearly vertical walls.


The lightweight Sea To Summit Telos TR3 freestanding tent will handle any weather thanks to its quick-connect pole feet and aluminum frame. Notably, the 6-inch deep 20D nylon floor offers excellent protection against moisture and water penetration.

On the other hand, the 15D nylon rainfly with silicone/polyurethane coating provides durability and long-lasting water resistance.

Of course, the tent comes with the patented Apex Vent system to prevent condensation and expel warm air. You can zip shut this window from inside the Telos TR3 tent, and the same goes for the baseline vents. Sea To Summit uses YKK zippers on all tents, and the Telos series is no exception.


Another exciting quality of the versatile Sea To Summit Telos TR3 is the storage capacity. We already said this is a three-person freestanding tent, meaning it needs to offer room for three adults and their belongings. So, the overall floor area is 39.5 square feet, with a peak height of 52.5 inches.

You’ll be glad to hear that Telos has two vestibules and a Hangout Mode for converting the rainfly into a convenient, semi-open shelter. You can set it up with Sea To Summit poles or other hiking/trekking poles.

In addition, we should mention the FairShare storage system because the tent packs into the three sacks, with each serving as a storage unit when the tent is propped up. For instance, the poles’ bag transforms into a lightbar if you add a headlamp and hang it at the tent’s apex.


Yes, without a doubt, the functional and dependable Sea To Summit Telos TR3 tent is worth every penny. It offers several innovative solutions and durable materials, making it a worthwhile investment for hikers, campers, and anyone enjoying the outdoorsy lifestyle.

Sea To Summit is a renowned brand, and they don’t compromise with quality. So, neither should you.