What’s to like about Schott Nubuck Cowhide Mechanic’s Jacket:

  • Iconic style and heritage
  • Durable semi-nubuck leather
  • Cotton chambray lining
  • Leather contrast collar
  • Super comfortable and soft
  • Diagonal welt pockets

What if we told you that Schott leather jackets are richer in history than most old-timer cars? Well, it’s true, and these jackets are renowned for their heritage and iconic style.

If this sounds too good to be true, we should review Schott Nubuck Cowhide Mechanic’s Jacket in full detail. By doing so, you’ll learn everything there is to know about these legendary jackets.

An American Classic

Believe it or not, Schott’s history goes back to 1913, even though the company released the first leather motorcycle jacket in 1928. In any case, the iconic Perfecto jacket, the first model, became the symbol of adventure and excitement. Nowadays, Schott has stores in several American cities, selling high-end clothing and accessories.

Well, Schott Nubuck Cowhide Mechanic’s Jacket continues down the well-trodden path, combining legendary craftsmanship with a timeless design. Moreover, Schott added a touch of extra ruggedness into the creation of this model, making it a classic workwear jacket.

Premium Materials

Of course, Schott’s jackets would never reach iconic status if the company compromised with materials. So, Schott Nubuck Cowhide Mechanic’s Jacket also takes a no-nonsense approach and features a top-drawer nubuck cowhide leather.

Hand-cut and slightly textured, the leather is famous for its durability and resilience, but it also looks excellent. Speaking of texture, we should mention that the distinct finish comes from careful hand buffing. As a result, the leather will only get better with time. The same goes for the metal donut shank buttons, which are sturdy but offer maximum ease of use.

Comfortable and Durable

Another reason why Schott Nubuck Cowhide Mechanic’s Jacket earns so much respect is the ultimate comfort. For instance, the leather contrast collar is a lovely detail, simultaneously boosting the points for longevity and aesthetics.

Other workwear details include stitch detailing at the pockets, together with a band at the hem. On the inside, you’ll get super-comfortable cotton chambray, painted in a traditional blue color. Likewise, the diagonal zippered pocket at the chest improves the design of the Schott Nubuck Cowhide Mechanic’s Jacket while offering a secure storage space. If that’s not enough, the lower pockets also have a tilted position and provide warmth and comfort at all times.

Should You Buy It?

As we said, Schott Nubuck Cowhide Mechanic’s Jacket combines modern materials with traditional design and iconic American philosophy. Thanks to impeccable craftsmanship, Schott leather jackets are often a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, making them worth every penny.

Since it is infused in American culture, Schott Nubuck Cowhide Mechanic’s Jacket is more than an ordinary bike jacket, and the heritage often has no price. By buying one of these, you’ll get a piece of Americana, an unbroken spirit, and a sense of freedom. Even if you don’t own a motorcycle, Schott Nubuck Cowhide Mechanic’s Jacket will make you feel special, and you’ll leave an impression on anyone.