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sCarabane Camper: All You Need for “Bug-Out, Off-Grid” Survival

sCarabane Camper Wind
It’s still in the prototype stage but with what we are seeing, it won’t be long before it heads to production. Connect Green Cat Technologies’ sCarabane Camper to your vehicle and you are ready to haul your luxury mini-home to your off-the-grid location.

sCarabane Camper Off-the-Grid Preparedness

  • Equipment for Self Sufficiency
    • Rotating Caravan:┬áThe camper electrically rotates to follow the sun or the wind.
    • Solar Concentrator: The 6m2┬áParabolic mirror panels rotate on an axis so that the panels are always facing the sun. These panels produce hot water.
    • Telescopic Vertical Axis Wind Turbine: The VAWT produces electricity (500W maxi)
    • Solar Cells: Able to produce electricity: 500W maximum
  • Foldable and Ready to Go
    • One person can fold and start to travel within 30 minutes
  • Rose Window: Control the sun’s intensity within the camper
  • Home Automation: Complete control panel
  • Spacious, Innovation Interior: Well planned with two sleeping areas and state-of-the-art technologies
  • Transporting:┬áDimensions : 8.2 feet wide, 25.59 feet long and 9.18 feet high

Green Cat Technologies is in the development states of adding rainwater collectors and nano-filtration to make the sCarabane Camper 100 percent self-sufficient and off-grid.

Yes, we have covered campers on our website, but nothing close to what you get with the sCarabane. Now it’s just a waiting game. The market is ripe for such camper so we will keep you updated how it progresses.

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