What’s to like about Savage Spartan Tactical Wallet:

  • 304 stainless steel and premium aluminum
  • Built to last a lifetime
  • Advanced RFID blocking technology
  • Durable money clip
  • Convenient cutout for easy access
  • Holds up to 12 cards
  • Ultra-lightweight, only 2.1 ounces

Are you tired of bulky wallets that don’t even fit into modern pants and jeans? How about keeping your cards and cash in something pocket-friendly and cool-looking?

If the answer is yes, you came to the right place because Savage Spartan Tactical Wallet is an attractive model that recently stepped onto the stage.

So, we took it for a test, and here’s what we learned while reviewing the Savage Spartan’s flagship.

How to find the best tactical wallet?

As you probably noticed, it looks like the slim-fit fashion trend is not going anywhere. But, at the same time, we collect more and more cards for various services, from online payments to gas station discounts.

So, pocket-friendly tactical wallets are the only way out of this predicament. However, you have to consider the following aspects if you want to buy the best minimalist wallet in 2021:

– Materials

These days, tactical minimalist wallets opt for one of the two dominant directions: leather or metal. Of course, you might encounter other options, but these materials are the most common. And yes, it’s essential to check the build quality before purchasing. For instance, quality leather will only get softer and darker with age. Likewise, durable metals will not bend easily, and they should be more scratch-resistant than low-quality materials.

– Practicality

Arguably, the primary role of a minimalist wallet is to fit into any pocket and carry the essentials with ease. For that reason, buying a functional and efficient tactical wallet is a must. So, check whether the model in question can hold a sufficient number of cards. Also, the wallet should let you fill it with cash and cards with no hassle, and the same goes for extraction. In short, an effortless operation is a necessity, and Savage Spartan Tactical Wallet more than delivers on this front.

– Cost

Finally, consider the price if you want to get the best bang for your buck. After all, top-rated minimalist wallets are pricey and might not be everyone’s cup of tea. In that case, you should opt for budget-friendly options that can also get the job done. It’s all about finding the sweet spot between quality and price, and wallets like the one from Savage Spartan provide the best price to value ratio.

Savage Spartan: The New Kid on the Block

Before we focus on the Savage Spartan Tactical Wallet, we should first say a word or two about the company. Established in 2007, Savage Spartan is a young but ambitious American brand eager to upset the big boys in the apparel and wallet industry.

At the moment, Savage Spartan’s best-selling items are T-shirts, flags, and tactical wallets. As expected, everything comes with the impeccable build quality and ruggedness you would expect from Spartan tools and apparel.

Durable Structure

A sturdy, well-built wallet is a confidence booster because you can relax knowing that your cash and cards will stay safe at all times. Well, you’ll be glad to know that Savage Spartan Tactical Wallet also has a well-constructed body built with premium materials.

More precisely, Savage Spartan opted for extra-strong 304 stainless steel for the armor of this sleek wallet. Also, premium aluminum adds the necessary flexibility to this minimalist tactical wallet. Overall, the wallet’s thickness is 0.3 inches, which ensures stability and long-lasting durability.

Well-Designed and Eye-Catching

Even though the world is increasingly going cashless, we are not quite there yet. Thus, wallets are still our daily companions, and it helps if they look elegant and attractive. Well, Savage Spartan fits the bill if you are looking for a stylish and attention-grabbing design.

For instance, the polished metal features the company logo on the front and back. Also, the metallic color suits the overall wallet’s theme. Plus, the expandable webbing compliments the grayish colors, making everything about Savage Spartan Tactical Wallet as it should be.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Since it comes in a luxurious gift box, Savage Spartan Tactical Wallet can be ideal if you need Christmas gifts for men. Your dads, husbands, or boyfriends will appreciate the practicality of this sleek and compact tactical wallet.

After all, the two metal plates forming this wallet are almost two times shorter than the iPhone 11. To be precise, the overall length of this model is 3.5 inches, with 2.1 ounces in weight. In addition, the sturdy money clip is reliable, holding the cash securely at all times.

Anti-Theft Protection

Last but not least, we should also mention that Savage Spartan Tactical Wallet comes equipped with top-notch RFID secure technology. Admittedly, radio frequency identification skimming is highly unlikely if non-existent in modern times.

Nonetheless, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and Savage Spartan uses technology to prevent RFID theft. As a result, this wallet will protect your credit card numbers and personal information from electronic pickpocketing. So, even though the actual danger might not be likely, you’ll have one thing less to worry about with this tactical wallet.

Should You Buy It?

The traditional bifold and trifold wallets have their charm and appeal; we’ll give them that. However, the times have changed, and bulky wallets are not everyone’s cup of tea. So, if you like to travel light, a minimalist wallet can be a perfect choice.

From what we’ve seen while preparing our Savage Spartan Tactical Wallet review, this model is up there with the best wallets in 2021. Besides the sturdy and robust body, the Savage Spartan is classy and attractive, a real conversation starter. And, perhaps most importantly, it costs less than $30, offering excellent value for money.