If you wear a lot of fine dress clothing – dress shirts, slacks, even suits – you know how much work ironing and pressing that clothing can be. Getting them just right – crisp and straight – requires a good deal of time, some elbow grease, and not a little bit of skill. (Come on, you didn’t really know how to iron things correctly the first time, did you?) Well take a minute and relax, because if you have a lot of disposable income, you no longer have to worry about that. You just need to install a Samsung Airdresser in your walk-in closet.

Samsung Airdresser 2
Credit: Samsung

The just-announced Samsung Airdresser – no price mentioned, right now – is essentially a miniature, electronic closet that carefully gently cleans your clothes with the JetAir system, removing dust, odors and “harmful pollutants.” The JetSteam system then essentially sanitizes these articles of clothing, while giving them a fresh steaming and straightening. The dryer – known as a HeatPump – removes all moisture, leaving them fresh and ready to put on. There is also a dedicated Wrinkle Removal course.

It’s pretty cool, no doubt – and designed to feel right at home in your closet. Sure, the inside looks like a fancy mini fridge.  But the glass Crystal Mirror exterior looks a lot like any other dresser or full-length mirror. Samsung’s copy says it’s also a “extension
of space that harmonizes with its environment whether alone or accompanied by other elements.” A touchscreen control panel in the middle of the glass almost gives it away, however.

Again, Samsung hasn’t said exactly how much the Airdresser is going to cost, but expect it to be pricey. If you’re building your dream home and can’t be bothered to do laundry, however, this might be the missing ingredient.