Samsung just launched their newest toy, called the 360 Round. It’s a spherical VR camera with 17 separate lenses that – eight stereo pairs shooting horizontally and a single lens shooting vertically – to capture what appears to be 360-degree video, in full 4k resolution. It can shoot 3d, 3d images, and even spatial audio, with the six microphones and 2 mic ports that are built in.

It’s built to be active, is IP65 certified for water and dust resistance, meaning it’s ready for adventure and you can use it in the rain. The built-in software lets it livestream 4K VR at a smooth 30 frames per second, helped in part by software that promises to stitch together immersive video without any lag. Something cool about the 360 Round is that it has, and does not require, a built-in fan for cooling. The saucer-like shape of the body reduces heat and allows it to cool more naturally. Additional ports allow it to easily and quickly connect to  external mics and storage devices.

How much does it cost? $10,500. A little more than your GoPro, for sure. This thing is meant for serious content creators, and is out this October.

Samsung 360 Round VR Camera

  • 17 cameras at 2 megapixels each-
  • F1.8 aperture
  • 6 internal (spatial audio) microphones and 2 external ports
  • 4k video (4,096×2,048) at 30fps per lens
  • Memory: 10GB (LPDDR3); 40GB (eMMC)
  • 256GB (or up to 2TB on SSD) Memory
  • IP65 water and dust resistance
Buy - $10.00
Samsung 360 Round VR Camera Samsung 360 Round VR Camera Samsung 360 Round VR Camera