What’s to like about Salomon Soft Flask:

  • Dual-skin insulation
  • Elastic, PVC-free plastic
  • Innovative bite valve
  • Convenient safety handle
  • Compatible with 42mm lids
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Ultra-lightweight (only 62 g)

Since our post-pandemic lives seem to go back to normal, it’s time to plan our outdoor activities and adventures. For instance, ultra-runners and mountaineering addicts should look for hydration accessories, such as water bottles or soft flasks.

Yet, finding a dependable flask for outdoor running can be easier said than done. For example, we tested dozens of models until we arrived at the highly recommended Salomon Soft Flask. This product exceeded our expectations in every aspect, and it passed every test with flying colors.

So, without further ado, let’s check it out.


As you probably know, Salomon is one of the leading names in the global sports equipment market. After all, this French brand has been around since 1947, meaning that Salomon has more than seven decades of experience in the business.

In 2019, Chinese-owned ANTA Sports bought Salomon alongside several outdoor-oriented brands, such as Atomic and Suunto.

Either way, the recognizable quality is here to stay, and Salomon continues to develop innovative solutions and manufacture premium products. The versatile Soft Flask illustrates this philosophy and continues down the well-trodden path.


We already mentioned that choosing the ideal water container could be tricky, especially if you are new to mountaineering, hiking, or long-distance running. But, there’s no need to worry because we’ve got you covered.

Namely, the best course of action would be to consider the following elements before purchasing. By doing so, you’ll separate the best flasks from the rest and make an informed decision.


To find a long-lasting water container, check the overall build quality and the materials used in manufacturing. For instance, Salomon opted for high-quality plastic for their Soft Flask, but other options are also on the menu. So, look for sturdy and resilient models because outdoor usage takes a toll on any gear or equipment.


Another crucial aspect to consider before buying a running flask would be the functionality, particularly related to drinking the water on the move. Every runner or hiker wants to stay hydrated without losing speed or slowing down the tempo. For that reason, double-check if the flask has a wide-mouth opening and leak-proof systems.


Finally, look at the price tag to find a flask offering the best price to value ratio. In most cases, the best-rated models will provide the highest quality, but this might apply to every hydration accessory. Therefore, buyers looking to get their money’s worth should compare several flasks and evaluate their characteristics.


Over the years, Salomon developed an impressive portfolio of sports equipment, high-quality clothing, and outdoor gear. So, it’s not surprising to see that Salomon Soft Flask has almost zero flaws, except the relatively small volume.

With only 400ml of capacity, this running flask will require more frequent refills than most other water containers. On the other hand, the selling points include maximum flexibility, heavy-duty plastic, and an easy-to-use bite valve.

So, from what we’ve seen, the pros far outweigh the cons, making Salomon Soft Flask a worthwhile investment for ultra-runners, hikers, or alpinists.


Unlike many water bottles, the ultra-light Soft Flask from Salomon offers effortless sipping or drinking on the go. Primarily, this collapsible container features a straightforward, no-frills design for a secure grip even when your hands are extra sweaty.

While mentioning security, we should also add that Salomon Soft Flask comes equipped with a sturdy handle. This neat detail will let you slide a finger through the hole and ensure the flask stays with you, regardless of how fast you run.


Brands like Salomon have a reputation to maintain, and they can’t afford low-quality materials and faulty products. Well, that’s why Salomon Soft Flask features a double-insulated TPU free of toxins and PVC elements. Also, the plastic will resist liquid penetration, meaning your water will stay taste-free at all times.

Most importantly, dual-skin insulation is ideal for the summer months because it will keep the water cold and fresh. Likewise, the insulated walls will prevent liquids from turning into ice during the colder days.


As the name says, Salomon Soft Flask is a flexible and collapsible water container for outdoor activities. Therefore, you’ll be glad to hear that you can fold this flask and fit it into any pocket or a pouch when empty.

This travel-friendly flask weighs only 62 grams, ranking among the best lightweight flasks for trail running. Overall, the flask is 32cm long and 8.5cm in diameter near the top. Of course, the impressive elasticity allows the Salomon Soft Flask to adapt to any backpack or running vest.


Hydration accessories are essential for any strenuous sporting activity, especially if you run or hike through areas with a limited water supply. Thus, Salomon Soft Flask is ideal for professional or recreational ultra-runners or hikers.

Then again, Salomon Soft Flask will also provide hydration to campers or bicycle riders. In addition, you could always place one of these space-saving flasks in the glove box before heading out with the car. No one knows when the disaster might strike, and having drinking water within reach can be life-saving.


While preparing our comprehensive Salomon Soft Flask review, we learned why this model ranks near the top in every list of the best water bottles. It has everything you could need out on the trail, including flexibility and dual-skin insulation. Of course, maximum usability and quality materials are also significant elements.

Admittedly, Salomon Soft Flask comes at a relatively high price. However, any outdoor enthusiast who cares about hydration and health should not let the price tag deter them. After all, Soft Flask’s durability will let you use this water container for years to come.