Main features of Salewa Dropline Mid Men’s Shoe:

  • EVA rebound midsole
  • S-Path outsole
  • Anatomic ankle protection system
  • Thermoformed anti-rock heel cup
  • Breathable mesh lining

Would you believe it if we told you that Salewa’s roots go back to 1935? This German brand has a remarkable pedigree, staying afloat through all these years thanks to an impressive products library.

One of their flagships is the exquisite Salewa Dropline Mid Men’s Shoe, a model that should meet most users’ needs.

Therefore, let’s cut to the chase and see what wakes the Dropline so drop-dead-gorgeous.

Premium Materials

As we said, Salewa has decades of experience. In its HQ up in the Italian Dolomites, the company works hard to develop innovative solutions. Moreover, in 2018, Salewa officially changed its modus operandi, focusing exclusively on mountaineering gear.

Thus, it’s not surprising to see only the top-drawer materials on the Dropline Mid hiking shoe. For example, this model comes equipped with an MFF+ footbed and S-Path outsole. Likewise, the breathable mesh lining is stretchable yet durable. So, these shoes will get the job done no matter where the adventure takes you.

Anatomic Design

Hiking gear and apparel must combine sturdiness with aesthetics, and Salewa Dropline excels in balancing these two aspects. In a way, this model combines the design of a trail-running shoe with the ruggedness of a full-blown hiking shoe.

For instance, the high-quality EVA rebound midsole provides excellent shock absorption and cushioning. In other words, these shoes will add bounce to your step, but they will also offer a soft landing.

Similarly, the S-Path outsole with POMOCA technology provides maximum stability on the trail.

Excellent Performances

Speaking of being out on the trail, we should also mention that Salewa Dropline features an anti-rock heel cup. To be precise, the thermoformed area will protect the back part of your leg. The drop between the heel area and the toe stack is 6mm, ensuring an ergonomic position at all times.

The EXA-shell also boosts the points for stability, improving your performances and security. Also, we should mention the 3D lacing with a stretch gaiter that will ensure a snug fit. What’s more, the lacing system on this model is one of its recognizable features. No matter if you go backpacking or walk down a busy street, the eye-catching Salewa Dropline Mid Men’s Hiking Shoe will leave an impression.

Should You Buy Them?

Combining agility and durability, Salewa Dropline offers the best of both worlds. These hiking shoes are both attractive and rugged, allowing you to wear them in many settings. Nonetheless, the Dropline feels best when walking over mountain trails and helping you climb to the top of the hill.

If that’s not enough, we must also say that this model comes at a reasonable price. Many hiking shoes on the market cost a fortune, but not Salewa Dropline. So, if you are in the market for a mid-tier backpacking shoe, this model could be the perfect option.