Yes, a door key can be replicated using a photo of a key. Even the highest security keys can be duplicated by 3D printing at home. We’re not talking about a thief — he can get in if he wants to. The problem is an ex-tenant, an ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend, an ex-housecleaning employee, etc. UrbanAlps has designed The Stealth Key, incorporating a clever tooth-hiding design. The Stealth hides most of its mechanical security features internally – rendering the key unscannable.

Features of the New Door Key: The Stealth

  • Hidden Internal Coding
    • Purely mechanical solution
    • 5 million possible combinations
    • Extensive master keying possibilities
    • Can be combined with electronics
  • Designed by Cylinder Experts
    • Reliable and durable due to its superior design and precision manufacturing
    • Lock picking and bump resistant
    • Anti-drill capabilities
  • World’s First 3D Metal Printed Key
    • Geometrical complexity is free
    • Unlimited customization possibilities

Bringing back safety to age-old mechanics.

UrbanAlps is running a limited pilot program right now, but you can also preorder a padlock and two keys with the same technology for about $1,060.

UrbanAlps Stealth Lock Key UrbanAlps Stealth Lock Key