Rudy Project hails from Italy. They’ve been making cycling equipment since the 1980’s, so they know a thing or two about making good stuff. While most of their gear has always been intended for speed on the road, their new Protera helmet is designed for off-road enthusiasts, who wish to carve some trails and kick up some dirt instead.

The Protrera has a large shell – especially in the rear, where it sticks up in the back to provide extra occipital coverage. At the same time, the sides and ears of the helmet come down quite far, providing lots of coverage and ample padding surrounding your head. However, Rudy offsets this with ample venting; there are seven vents on the top of the helmet and six more on the back.

Rudy uses the new RSR 9 fitting System on the Protera; the RSR 9 wraps around the head more than a regular suspension and uses “precise micro-metric regulation”, as Rudy calls it, to provide a comfortable, custom fit that feels secure on your head.

The inside of the helmet features hydrophobic Dry Foam, which repels water instead of soaking it up, and X-Static antimicrobial fabric helps prevent it from getting funky with all different kinds of bacteria and odors growing in it.

Rudy also uses a Quick-Change Strap system on the Protera; this allows you to easily remove the strap for cleaning, replacing when worn out, or customize with different colors.

And – the Protera weighs only 12 ounces, so pretty light overall – especially for a mountain bike helmet. This helmet will rest easy on your head as you fly down the mountain or kick up some dirt, without making too much of a sweat – thanks to its ample venting. The suspension system is comfortable and easy to use, and the anti-microbial/moisture-wicking fabric will have your head thanking you.


Buy - $250.00
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