If you’ve been following us, you’re probably aware that we are partial to whiskey as our liquor of choice. But we’re always open to some Cuban Rum when we get the chance, especially now that it’s much easier to get your hands on a bottle than just a few years ago. And our latest Cuban Rum purchase was a bottle of Ron Cubay 10 Year Old Reserva Especial.

Ron Cubay was started in 1964 in Santo Dominco, Villa Clara, which is right in the heart of the island of Cuba. While that may not be as old as many other Cuban rums, Ron Cubay is one of the best.

But first, why is Cuban Rum the best? Cuban rum is made with molasses, which comes from sugarcane. Cuba’s been known for its sugarcane for centuries, so this is no surprise. Just like with tobacco, Cuba’s climate and terroir are perfect for growing the best sugarcane, by law, Cuba actually forbids distilleries from using molasses and sugar that isn’t made in Cuba, so when you get Cuban rum, you know it’s entirely Cuban. Much of the distilling process is like that of most of other rums, but one unique requirement for Cuban rum is that it must be aged for at least two years, usually in American white oak barrels, before being charcoal filtered. The result is a particularly light and crisper rum than many others.

Back to Ron Cubay. The 10-Year Old Reserva Especial is one especially sweet rum, with notes of honey, peach, brown sugar, vanilla, oak, and spices, that come together to create incredibly deep, rich flavor. It has been, as the name implies, been aged for 10 years, which is much longer than the usual Cuban rum. But the payoff is a gorgeous light brown color and that delicious vanilla honey taste.

So light up a Cuban cigar and relax with a glass of Ron Cubay. Enjoy with a good Hemingway short story too, maybe the Old Man and the Sea.

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