The geniuses are out there designing unconventional knives and other cool gear. Well, here we go again. No more fussing with those annoying metal tape measures. No more hunting for a battery for the electronic ruler Let’s just go back to the simple wheel invention to measure straight objects or curved objects. Such simplicity! Just why didn’t we invent the Rollbe Compact Measuring Tool? There are a lot of people asking the same question–this Kickstarter campaign has FAR exceeded its original goal.

Rollbe’s rolling design allows to measure straight lines and curved surfaces by rolling from point to point. The tool is available in both metric and imperial units. You can also get the rolling tool in two sizes: 4 inches or 8 inches. These super compact tools ship with an attractive leather pouch which easily slips in your pocket or carries on your keychain.

How to Measure With the Rollbe Compact Measuring Tool

Straight Line: It is super easy to use. Simply place the bullet – start mark on the starting point of the surface or line you want to measure then roll and count full rotations by following the ”radius indicator”, then add remaining units.

Rollbe Compact Measuring Tool Start Rollbe Compact Measuring Tool Left to Right


Measuring in a Corner: Because the disk is round it is not possible to place the regular start point in the corner – To measure inside corners you have to add the radius or diameter of the ruler to your measurement.

Rollbe Compact Measuring Tool Corner


Pretty cool, huh? Another piece of gear for your everyday carry treasures. MacGyver won’t have anything on you.


Rollbe Compact Measuring Tool Sizes Rollbe Compact Measuring Tool Measuring Rollbe Compact Measuring Tool Keychain