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ROEST Coffee Roaster Lets You Create Your Own Delicious Blends

ROEST Coffee Roaster Front Angle

Coffee lover? So are we. And perhaps the  only thing more exciting and intense – when it comes to coffee — than pulling a great espresso shot, is roasting your own beans. And if you take your coffee seriously, but can’t invest in a full-size, factory coffee roaster, than you need the ROEST Coffee Roaster.

Designed and made in Oslo, the ROEST is an innovative, easy-to-use sample roaster that lets you roast up to 100 grams at once, while picking, choosing, and fine-tuning the settings to get your beans exactly as you like them, and creating new roasts and flavors along the way. An arsenal of integrated sensors, software and even WIFI give you complete control over your roast, hooking up to your phone, laptop or tablet. You can create automatic profiles for easy, precise roasting in the future, while manual mode is only a button away. A a propane burner provides a nice, clean burn for perfectly roasted coffee, and quick, small roast can take as little as 3 minutes.

The ROEST isn’t cheap, but when it comes to serious quality coffee – nothing is. Sure, there are much cheaper coffee roasters out there – but do they provide the same level of precision, control and overall functioning design? Not likely. You can reserve yours now.

Winner of the Best New Product Award for technology at the World of Coffee Budapest!

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