This  aluminum wallet and money clip from Ridge Wallet is a sleek, compact way to hold your cards and cash, and blends right in with your other EDC essentials. The integrated card slot holds up to 12 cards, and is adjustable. This prevents it from stretching the way leather card holders are wont to do. The exterior money clip holds your cash tight, and doubles as a pocket/belt clip. You can also purchase interchangeable outer plates, for ultimate flexibility and customization, and the money clip can be replaced with an elastic strap if desired. The package includes a Torx T5 Screwdriver.

The Ridge Wallet is slim enough to fit in either your front or back pocket without excessive bulk. The aluminum design blocks RFID-skimming devices, keeping you and your credit cards safe from identity theft.

The Ridge Wallet is available in White, Titanium and Carbon Fiber, as well. It’s a durable wallet that goes anywhere and does anything you do, fitting neatly in any pocket, and blending in nicely with your EDC essentials.


  • Adjustable slot for 1-12 cards
  • Money/pocket clip
  • Slim profile suitable for both front and back pockets.
  • RFID Blocker
Buy - $65.00
Ridge Wallet Money Clip Side View Ridge Wallet Money Clip Front View Ridge Wallet Money Clip in Box Ridge Wallet Money Clip in Sand Ridge Wallet Money Clip Lifestyle