What’s to like about Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II Hiking Boots:

  • Omni-Tech semi-sealed membrane construction
  • Waterproof and protective
  • Techlite midsole with extra cushioning
  • Omni-Grip traction rubber
  • Attractive suede upper
  • Available in five color options

Even though rainy and snowy days are upon us, the weather should not stop you from exploring the outdoors. However, it’s vital to prepare for adventures in nature, and a pair of dependable hiking boots should be the first item on your list.

To help you find a quality pair, we scoured the web only to learn that Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Suede Hiking Boots are among the best outdoor boots on the market. So, let’s check them out.


Believe it or not, Columbia Sportswear has been around since 1938, when a family of German immigrants established a hat manufacturing company in Portland, Oregon. Over the years, the commitment to excellence attracted an army of followers, transforming a small company into a global enterprise.

Nowadays, Columbia Sportswear offers a vast selection of products, and many items feature advanced or even revolutionary technologies. In a way, the same goes for Columbia Newton Ridge Hiking Boots, which comes with top-drawer materials and state-of-the-art innovations.


High-quality hiking boots will prevent injuries, reduce fatigue, and provide protection for conquering the most challenging trails. So, to buy the best hiking boots in 2021, consider the following aspects:


Primarily, check the materials to see if they offer sufficient durability and support. For instance, look for water resistance and quality insulation to stay dry while crossing streams and ponds.


Even though the second element ties in with the first, we must mention the importance of a modern and functional design. Namely, the best hiking boots feature a lightweight yet rugged outsole with a quick-lacing system and a durable upper.


Finally, consider the amount of money you are willing to invest in a pair of hiking shoes. After all, high-end models come with hefty price tags, but most recreational hikers don’t need to spend so much. Instead, go with a reasonably priced hiking boot, like Columbia Newton Ridge, because these budget-friendly boots will also get the job done.


As we said, Columbia Sportswear has a reputation to maintain, so they go to great lengths to make premium quality clothing and footwear. From what we’ve seen, Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II Suede Hiking Boots continue the company’s philosophy with the excellent build quality and attractive aesthetics.

So, without further ado, let’s examine specific elements that make these hiking boots worth every penny.


Columbia opted for a semi-sealed construction and synthetic suede uppers for the second generation of Newton Ridge boots. So, although the upper might look like genuine leather, it comes from synthetic materials.

Nevertheless, the fabric offers impressive performances, including top-notch water resistance. In short, thanks to the advanced Omni-Tech membrane construction, these hiking boots will keep your feet dry in any weather. Likewise, the rubberized sole oozes quality, and the overall weight of a Columbia Newton Ridge Hiking Boot is only 16 ounces.


Available in five different color options, the attractive Columbia Newton Ridge is among the top-ranked boots regarding aesthetics. For instance, the combination of Light Brown with Deep Water cushioning is eye-catching and suitable for urban and outdoor settings. If you want to go with something extra spicy, choose the combo with Nori uppers and Light Orange laces.

Either way, these hiking boots will leave an impression, even though the upper features a relatively minimalist design. There are no logos, shapes, or lines crossing over the front sole or your toes.


We already mentioned that Columbia Sportswear likes to push boundaries and set new standards. Well, the cool-looking Columbia Newton Ridge Hiking Boots also feature the latest technologies, including Omni-Tech, Omni-Grip, and Techlite systems.

As we said, Omni-Tech construction provides water resistance. On the other hand, the Omni-Grip system is in charge of traction, and it ensures excellent grip on wet or slippery surfaces. Finally, we must also mention the exquisite Techlite EVA midsole. In essence, this technology provides lasting comfort and adds a bit of a bounce to your step. Of course, superior cushioning will make you feel like walking on a cloud.


Overall, these trail boots are as rugged as most of you will need. Admittedly, Columbia Newton Ridge boots are more geared towards the urban environment, and these eye-catching boots will go well with a pair of jeans or a casual jacket.

Nevertheless, don’t let the looks fool you into thinking that these boots will not perform adequately on the trail. Thanks to the Omni-Grip non-marking rubber, Columbia Newton Ridge will climb hills with ease. Most importantly, the waterproof membrane will keep your feet dry, while the Techlite midsole provides comfort and support.


Unlike most hiking boots out there, Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge will not burn a massive hole through your wallet. Instead, these reasonably priced boots come at an affordable price, offering plenty of features for only around $100. In other words, the second generation of the Newton Ridge trail boots is a steal.

Finding the perfect footwear for outdoor adventures is tricky, but Columbia Sportswear knows how to make high-quality outdoor gear and apparel. So, you can be confident that these hiking boots will last a long time, regardless of where the adventure takes you.