Looking for a waterproof, bombproof camera for your outdoor adventures? While GoPro’s are nice, not everybody has the money laying around for one. And some of us prefer a more point-and-shoot, handheld style. That’s where the Ricoh WG-50 comes into play. This durable outdoor camera is built for tough situations, and at not much more than the cheapest GoPro. The body is waterproof down to 46 feet(!), which is pretty damn impressive. You can literally use it underwater. The shockproof, rugged design is engineered to withstand drops from up to 5 feet without breaking the lens or the screen.

Camerawise, this thing is nothing to sneeze at, either. It features a 16-megapixel, backlit CMOS sensor, shooting images up to 4920 x 3264 wide. ISO goes up to 6400.The wide angle, 5X internal optical zoom lens is equivalent to a 28-140mm zoom. Video capture goes up to 1080p HD. There’s a seemingly endless amount of shooting modes to choose from: An enhanced Digital Microscope mode, which uses 6 macro LEDs to achieve perfect lighting. Other options include Program, Auto Picture, HDR, Handheld Night Snap, Movie, High Speed Movie, Landscape, Flower, Portrait, Underwater, Underwater Movie, Interval Shooting, Interval Movie, Surf & Snow, Kids, Pet, Sport, Night Scene, Night Scene Portrait, Fireworks, Food, Digital SR and Report. It has 68mb of built-in memory, and works with the usual SD/SDHC/SDXC memory chips.

So why choose the Ricoh WG-50 over a GoPro? It’s a very different style of camera, that’s for sure. One pro to this design is that you don’t need any kind of stand or attachment to use it; you can simply hold it and point it like any other point-and-shoot. It’s got a handy, durable attachment point for a lanyard and strap, and you can simply throw it over your shoulder or around your neck like any other. While it isn’t going to shoot like a DSLR, it makes a solid alternative to the more expensive GoPro models if you prefer a handheld.

Ricoh-WG-50-Waterproof-Camera_Rear Ricoh-WG-50-Waterproof-Camera_3 Ricoh-WG-50-Waterproof-Camera_1 Ricoh-WG-50-1 Ricoh-WG-50-Waterproof-Camera_Rear_1