If you’ve ever had to deal with changing your bike tires frequently, to adapt to different road surfaces, or find yourself popping them quite frequently, then you may like Retyre. These modular bike tires have integrated zippers, that let you change the outer tread and surface instantly, simply by zipping it open and popping it off.

Designed and manufactured in Norway, the reTyre’s start with a smooth base tire, which weighs 568g and fits on your bike rim just like a regular tire – just put it on and leave it there. It is pretty smooth but can used for basic biking – like commuting or around town.

Then, when you want to add some tread, you zip on one of the variety of rubber skins available, right over the smooth tire, creating a full tire of whatever tread and grip you need. The zipper tab locks in place and underneath the tire so it doesn’t fly around and become undone as you’re riding.

Current options for tires include the All-Terrain for offroad riding, and the Urban Hero for zipping around town during the winter, and with more on the way soon. Each tire is made from 90% natural rubber. Future tire skins look like they will include some Smart Skins, with embedded electronics that work with your smartphone (perhaps for stats like speed and distance?), “Next skins” made from “exotic materials” such as coconut fibers and recycled rubber, and even some custom skins that let you add your own graphics.

reTyre will be released this July, and will start at $36 for the base tire, with outer skins selling at $55 and up. If you’d like an easier way to switch out your tires for different terrain, reTyre will do it for you.

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